A Love First 

I noticed yesterday on social media there were a lot of takes on sweet Valentine’s voting early and gushy stuff like that. Couples were voting early together and equating it with a romantic event. The Dean put out a Valentine’s Day take from West Gray with his lovely daughter Whitney. It got me to thinking and so I checked. Yesterday was the first time ever we in Texas had voted early on Valentine’s Day. Nice, so I tweeted it. 

Unless the Texas Legislature changes the election calendar, it will only happen if Election Day falls on March 1 in a non-Leap Year. The primary was on March 1 in 2016, but that was a Leap Year and Valentine’s Day was on a Sunday, the day before early voting began. Now you know.

The folks from the Harris County Elections Administrator’s Office called me and my Dad yesterday to let us know our ballot carrier envelope was lacking ID info. I asked them if we could provide the info over the phone, and they said nope.

They said they were putting in the mail yesterday our ballot that was still sealed in the inner envelope and they hadn’t opened it and they were including a new carrier envelope with the area highlighted where the ID info should be written in. I am calling them back today to see if I can open the inner envelope to make sure it is my ballot and then I will seal it back with glue or something.

Good for the elections folks for working on this. 

I am up to 24 mail pieces that have landed in my mailbox since the beginning of the year. Yes, I do keep them and toss them later. 

Yesterday, I listened to “Blue Kentucky Girl” by Emmylou Harris and “Come on Over” by Olivia Newton-John. 

Let’s see. What were we doing a year ago today? I don’t want to think about it. 

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