We have seen over the past decade a disturbing transformation of the GOP. Overt racism, white supremacy and book banning come to mind. Check this headline from the Chron online: 

We asked all 143 Texas GOP congressional candidates about Biden’s win. Only 13 call it legitimate. 

Now they have forsaken math. One and one is not two these days in the GOP. Scoreboard does not matter. It would not surprise me if Ken Paxton were forced into a runoff, and he claims victory instead.

Your guess is as good as mine as to when they return to reality. 

Here is a question. I have driven by a few early voting locations. There are tons of signs at each one. Not a single sign catches your attention. They just remind drivers passing by that there is an election happening. There are 90 early voting locations in Harris County.

If you are running countywide and want to put 5 signs at each location, that’s 450 signs. At $3 per sign, that’s $1,350. Plus making the effort to cover all 90 locations. Will voters notice that your signs are not up, and will it hurt your campaign? Just asking.

Commentary gets the AARP publications. You know who is on this month’s cover? How about Halle Berry. Halle Berry and AARP does not sound right. 

The Astros first spring training game is supposed to be in nine days. I wonder if they are going to play with minor leaguers. I don’t know if they will start the season on March 31. For the season to start on time, I am thinking a deal between the players and owners must be made by the first week in March. 

The other thing is this. Will the team sign Carlos Correa?

Play ball! 

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