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The Harris County Election Board met yesterday and are moving forward to find a new Election Administrator. A national search will begin. Let’s hope this is a transparent process and not some backdoor deal we got last year that blew up in folks faces. Find someone with experience and not someone’s political pal. Good luck.


Commentary is not going to get into the great mask debate. The anti-maskers just got a few hundred thousand folks killed in the USA the last couple of years. I will just mind my own business.


Check this from the Chron:

The Harris County District Attorney’s Office is seeking to suspend District Court Judge Franklin Bynum over a nearly two-yearlong feud over accusations that he is biased against prosecutors and has given defendants too much leniency because of his self-described socialist political affiliation.

The State Commission on Judicial Conduct, which investigates complaints against judges and takes disciplinary actions, held a hearing Tuesday in response to multiple complaints filed by District Attorney Kim Ogg’s office in late 2020 to early 2021. The proceedings are typically private, but Bynum opted to make the recording of the hearing public.

Ogg’s office, in dozens of pages of complaints and supplements, accused Bynum of being “unnecessarily and unprofessionally rude and abusive to prosecutors” and said he “exhibited an indefensible bias against victims of crime.” The office also claimed he repeatedly released defendants on the basis that the state failed to establish probable cause.

Here is the Chron article: Harris DA’s office wants to suspend a self-described socialist judge accused of ‘indefensible bias’ (

Democrats voted Bynum out of office last month. What’s the point of this exercise? He will be a goner in January of 2023. Sigh.


Here is a headline in today’s Chron:

Gov. Abbott threatens to shut down border trade with Mexico again

This moron Abbott has lost it. He is not going down this road again. He cost us a few billion dollars last week. He is just acting like a punkarse again.


Commentary finally made it to The Yard last night. I had not been to a game since Game 7 of the 2019 World Series. I was invited to sit with some very good friends. It wasn’t a packed house so it kind of made me feel a little better. A few, err, very few, were wearing masks.

Before the game, we met at Irma’s Southwest which is a couple of blocks from the ballpark. At the restaurant was the coolest Astros sombrero. I had never seen one before. Go check it out. The sombrero was made in Mexico.

Jeremy Peña got his first dinger at The Yard last night.

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