Cracker Jill

A Texas poll came out a day or so ago and 40% of GOP voters said they would never vote for a Bush. The poll also said that the arsehole GOP AG Ken Paxton was fixing to kick Land Commissioner George P. Bush’s arse in the GOP runoff for AG next month. Commentary is not surprised.

Today’s GOP in the USA is all about worshipping Donald Trump pure and simple. Most don’t have the spine to go against Trump. Commentary has no sympathy for George P. He has gone all in to kiss Trump’s arse even after Trump went after his Dad and family. 

I disagreed with a lot of both President Bushes policies and those of former Gov. Jeb Bush, but at least on a few occasions they demonstrated compassion. Not P. He has gone all in on hate, and he will be rewarded with an arse kicking. Good.

The P stands for punk, as in punkarse.

Commentary has said it before, it is Cracker Jack, not Cracker Jacks.  Well, now we are going to get Cracker Jill. It is to celebrate women in sports. Good. I wonder if during the seventh inning stretch at The Yard, we will sing “buy me some peanuts and Crack Jill.”

This is the year 2022. We have social media and iphones and all sorts of new gizmos. How come we are just hearing about former Dem candidate for Texas Ag Commissioner Kim Olson shoving a staffer for the Texas Democratic Party at a rally four years ago in 2018.  Olson is now running for Chair of the Texas Democratic Party and the charges were leveled by supporters of current Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa. Smells fishy to Commentary. Like I said, why didn’t we hear about it in 2018. Why weren’t charges filed, since it is now a serious matter? 

Fishy to me.

Commentary has made it clear before. I have not been a fan of the folks running the Texas Democratic Party for close to three decades now. That includes the current Chair.

I will believe it when I see it. I am talking about Tiger teeing it up tomorrow.

The Chron sprots section today has Tiger teeing it up at 9:34 am.  We will see.

Who would have thought that MLB would have the Red Sox and Yankees be the game that starts the season tomorrow? I am shocked.

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