Crybaby Yankee

Gov. Greg Abbott is a lousy human being. If you disagree, you need to have your head checked.  His comments yesterday on sending infant formula to help migrant kids was even condemned by some GOP folks.

Abbott is in a position to be part of the solution.  Instead, he lets hate consume him.  He is a very bad person.


The Chron E-Board reissued their endorsement of Danielle Keys Bess for State Representative, District 147, in the Democratic Party primary runoff. Here is from the endorsement today:

We recommend Bess because Texans deserve representatives in Austin who are committed to a constructive and deliberative legislative process. 

That is all you need to know.


MLB was forced to release a letter to the Yankees where they found that they were cheating a few years ago.  They were fined $100,000. Before the season started, the Yankee general manager had insinuated that they were denied going to the World Series a few years ago because the Astros were cheating.

A few days ago, the owner of the Astros was a bit critical of the Yankee general manager. He basically called him out because the Yankees were also cheating and who were they to call us out.

Yesterday, the Yankees general manager responded to the Astros owner remarks by saying something like they got a parking ticket and we got 162 felonies.

Here is my take on this.  The Yankees have had the highest payroll like forever. Since 2009, they have only been to one World Series, and we have been to three.

They cheated and it still didn’t to them any good.  We cheated and it did.  We were just better cheaters, I guess. That’s why our punishment was more severe. We won a World Series. What a moron.

So, shut up. Crybaby. 


We swept three at The Yard against the Mariners. We then swept four at The Yard against the Tigers. We just swept three at Target against the Twins. That is three sweeps and ten games in a row.  There are also five shutouts during the streak. Not bad at all.

We still have a lot of baseball remaining. Like 130 games left to play.

We have played 13 games at The Yard, 19 on the road and still have six games to play on this current roadie. Got it?

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