Dos in One

It turns out 13 DPS troopers were also crouched in the hallway at Robb Elementary for an hour or so three weeks ago. A testament to the failed leadership of Gov. Greg Abbott, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and GOP Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan. We are not safe we these guys in charge. Abbott is the poster punk for cowardice in America.


Commentary watched the January 6 Committee hearing yesterday. It was just about close legal and campaign advisors to Donald Trump who told him that he had lost the election fair and square.

If Trump is still going around the country and telling folks that the election was stolen from him, then folks need to hear on national TV what his closest advisors were telling him on election night and in subsequent days.

The committee provided dessert by having a couple of the close advisors let us know that Rudy Giuliani was at 1600 Pennsylvania on election night and wanting Trump to declare victory.  They also said that Giuliani had too much to drink that night.


Terry Strada heads up 9/11 Families United. She lost her husband in the 9/11 attacks. She wrote a letter to the 17 PGA tour members who are now playing in the Saudi sponsored and funded golf circuit, calling them out. Here is how Phil Mickelson responded:

“I would say to the Strada family, I would say to everyone that has lost loved ones, lost friends on 9/11 that I have deep, deep empathy for them. I can’t emphasize that enough. I have the deepest of sympathy and empathy for them.’’

Mickelson doesn’t know the definition of empathy.

Here is the definition: the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

One doesn’t understand and share the feelings of the 9/11 families by taking tens of millions of Saudi money.

Sorry ass piece of sh_t.


I ran across an item about Jack Daniel and Coca Cola joining up and selling Jack and Coke in a can. A dos for one deal so to speak. I guess it is too much to ask to get a glass, ice cubes, a bottle of Jack and a Coke.  I won’t. Let me be honest. I don’t drink the hard stuff.

Let me confess. On some beers, mainly Mexican imports in a can, I will squeeze some lime juice on the top of the can and add a little salt.  I have been doing it forever. It was a Tecate thing at first way, way back. Now it is Dos Equis, Modelo and Pacifico. Dos Equis and Modelo now sell beer that is infused with lime and salt.  I have bought it for my Dad.  I still add salt and lime. That’s just me.


Former Astros reliever Pete Munro is 47 today. You should remember Pete. He was one of the six Astros pitchers who threw a no-no against the Yankees on June 11, 2003, in old Yankee Stadium. Commentary was there. Happy Birthday, Pete Munro!

I was watching the game on the flat screen last night. I wonder how much it will set you back to sit in the section behind home plate on field level with table seating and grub service at Globe Life.

We jumped out to a 3-zip lead at Globe Life last night. We ended up losing 5-3. Astros reliever Héctor Neris came in to start the eighth, gave up three runs and only lasted a third of an inning.

Oh, yeah, Héctor is 33 today. Happy Birthday!

Our lead is down to 7 ½ games over the Rangers.

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