All Starry

Amanda Carpenter is a conservative who worked on Sen. Cancun Cruz’s campaign for president before Cruz became Cancun.  Ms. Carpenter has stayed true to her conservatism and has not gone Trumper. Here is what she penned in the Bulwark a day or so ago:

Herschel Walker is, by any measure, a flawed candidate. It’s a fact readily observable to anyone with a basic familiarity with his confessed history of self-harm, acts of violence against others, whack-a-doodle beliefs, and steady stream of lies about his supposed academic and business achievements.

Walker was audacious enough to lie to his aides about the secret children he fathered, even when they confronted him with irrefutable evidence of paternity.

But what those aides did in response is telling: They didn’t quit. Instead, they vented to the Daily Beast about what a “pathological liar” Walker is and how the campaign is “like a shitshow on a train in the middle of a wreck.”

Anonymously, of course. Chalk another one up for “Team Normal.”

Just as they did with former President Trump, instead of letting voters see Walker for who he really is, the professional Republican class is devoting itself to coddling the candidate and covering up for him. And when it gets too icky, they dish quotes to their favorite reporters to make themselves feel better about their life choices. These people aren’t stupid enough to believe that their candidates are fit for office; they’re just trying to trick voters into being that dumb.

Here is her entire read: Team Normal Is Doing It Again – The Bulwark.

Ms. Carpenter certainly makes great points.


Last night, the Quorum Report reported that Texas could be facing rolling blackouts today and tomorrow.

Thank you, GOP morons who oversee the grid.

How do they not get this right? It is not news that we have scorcher summers.


Jose Altuve will be the starting second baseman for the AL All Stars. Yordan Alvarez, Kyle Tucker, Framber Valdez and Justin Verlander are also All Stars.

Former Astros Gerrit Cole, Joe Musgrove and #SpringerDinger are also All Stars.

Dusty Baker will manage the AL All Stars.

Yordan’s hand is dinged up a bit.

We are 56-29 and have today off.

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