Go Ganders, Go!

President Joe Biden tested positive for COVID yesterday. That is why I still mask-up.


Commentary is thinking the January 6 Committee hearings should win an Emmy Award. The hearings are very informative and entertaining.

My takeaways from last night’s hearing.

Missouri U.S. Sen. Josh Hawley doing the show me the way outta here chicken run after he cheered on the MAGA mob. A nicely placed dig.

Someone tweeted out “Hawleying ass.” That’s funny.

Vice President Mike Pence’s Secret Service detail making farewell phone calls to their families.

Not allowing photographs during the critical three hours at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  That says they knew they were on the wrong side of history.

One of the key witnesses last night works for the GOP on a U.S. House Committee staff.

The case has been made that Donald Trump is a traitorous, seditious arsehole and those still clinging to him are too.


A little progress in Baytown.

From the Baytown Sun:

The Goose Creek CISD board has voted to change the Ashbel Smith Elementary School mascot from the Apaches to the Jaguars.

And this:

Lee College regents to vote on mascot change to ‘Navigators’. Rody Rebel is retiring.

Robert E. Lee still is the name of the high school that sits right across the creek from my Dad’s house.  They are the Robert E. Lee Ganders.  Go Ganders, Go!


It was good to see on “Today” Romeo Santos this morning sing todas las canciones en español to an all-Latino crowd packed on the plaza. Muchas gracias, “Today.”

“Today” also had a segment on Amazon testing out deliveries by drones. Why would someone want a package delivered by a drone?


The Astros certainly put it on the Yankees yesterday – a twin bill sweep. We won the season series with the Yankees 5-2.  I must say, that was impressive.

We face the red-hot Mariners in Seattle this weekend for three.

We are 13-5 in July.

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