Poking Fun of Biden

Commentary tries to stay away from commenting on the physical appearance of folks. That is really not my thing. I try to watch what I eat so I can fit into my clothes.  I try to stay fit, but I must admit it has been tough during the pandemic since I had to give up my gym membership.

President Joe Biden is older than Commentary. Joe Biden rides bicycles. I can’t remember the last time I was on a bike. Maybe in the late 1990s and it was a bicycle built for two. President Biden had a fall on his bicycle a few weeks ago. That happens.

Did you ever see Donald Trump on a bike? Nope. I don’t even want to think about that picture.

Joe Biden looks to be in pretty good shape.  It looks like he watches what he eats.  The real rich guy who tried to buy Twitter poked fun at Joe Biden on how he reads the teleprompter.  The real rich guy also said a while back that Biden was a “wet sock.”

Someone took a photo of the real rich guy on his yacht a few days ago. That is all I will say about that other than I try not to go out shirtless in public.

Yesterday, a local GOP member of Congress asked the Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg if there had been discussions among Cabinet members about the 25th amendment. The Secretary replied that he was glad we had a president who could ride a bike.


Kingwood, you have a problem. From today’s Chron:

A Black family received racist, threatening letters on their doorstep just days after moving into a Kingwood subdivision earlier this month, prompting a police investigation and disgust from community members.

The woman, her daughter and a roommate moved into the Woodland Heights Village subdivision on July 2. By July 8, they had received two threatening handwritten letters telling them to leave, according to Houston Police Department spokesman Shay Awosiyan.

That same day, the woman heard noise outside her home and saw four men running away from her SUV. Her two rear tires had been slashed, Awosiyan said.


Commentary said this yesterday:

Commentary is thinking that Sen. Cancun Cruz still thinks he has a shot at being president of the USA.  That is why he is hating and pandering. He wants the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn the same sex marriage ruling. Come on, Cancun.

America is way past where Cancun wants to go.

And this:

Heck, a majority of Texans support same sex marriage. The Texas GOP doesn’t, but they don’t represent who Texas is these days.

47 GOP members of Congress voted yesterday in support of same sex marriage.

I know what I am talking about. Most of the time.


Thoughts on yesterday’s MLB All Star Game festivities. 

Justin Verlander has a cute kid. Kate Upton looked stunning in her dress. Wow.

As expected, Astros were booed loudly during the introductions.

Framber Valdez got the win by retiring Juan Soto, Manny Machado, and Freddie Freeman on 11 pitches.

Commentary prefers that the All Stars wear their regular season gear, but that train has left the station.

I watched the game at Saint Arnold where the team hosted a watch party for the STH crowd. It was warmish until the sun set.  There were a lot of fans there. The AL All Stars won 3-2, and Dusty Baker led the team and was his usual cool.

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