Field of Dreams

MAGA world doesn’t care if Donald Trump took classified documents on nuclear weapons. They don’t believe in the rule of law.  Some GOP members of Congress who are not card carrying MAGA world nuts but still blindly follow Trump are nervous right now. They should be.

Aaron Parnas, an attorney and Democratic strategist from Florida tweeted this today:

The House Republican Freedom caucus cancelled their press conference this morning. It was supposed to be about the FBI search of Mar A Lago.


Actor George Hamilton is 83 today. He has played Hank Williams in “Your Cheatin’ Heart,” Evel Knievel in “Evel Knievel,” Count Dracula in “Love at First Bite,” and Zorro in “Zorro, the Gay Blade.” He was also in “Godfather Part III.” Happy Birthday, George Hamilton!


I watched the Field of Dreams game last night.

Jesse James Decker sang the National Anthem wearing a t-shirt with a map of Iowa with “Is this heaven?” font.

Junior and his Dad, Ken Griffey, were so cool.

The girls and boys playing catch on the field was a nice touch.

Hall of Fame great Ferguson Jenkins tossing the first pitch to Hall of Fame great Johnny Bench was classic.

The on-field miking and interview of Joey Votto of the Reds was so insightful.

Bringing the Harry Caray hologram for “Take Me Out to The Ballgame” during the seventh inning stretch was neat, even though the Reds were the home team.

It didn’t matter that the Cubbies and Reds are not contending. It was just a celebration of baseball.

I parked at Moody Park and took the Red Line to The Yard yesterday afternoon and watched a very good game. Machete and Bregman had dingers.  Framber pitched a great game. We won.

We have the best record in the AL with 49 games remaining.

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