Follow the law vs Follow Trump

Trying to overturn a legal election. Violently attacking the U.S. Capitol. Taking official documents from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. These are what you call federal crimes.

The MAGA lawless world is bent out of shape because the proper federal authorities are acting, executing search warrants, and seizing cell phones. It hurts, but that is how these matters are addressed.

According to media reports and confirmed by Donald Trump’s lawyer, the FBI carried out 12 boxes of materials.  We have no idea what are in those boxes.

MAGA world is blindly and ignorantly backing Trump. MAGA world seven years ago or so stopped respecting the rule of law.

Attorney General Merrick Garland, FBI Director Christopher Wray, and other top DOJ officials made sure they had all their ducks in a row before they moved forward. They are following the law.

MAGA world is following Trump.

Wray was appointed by Trump.


Here is a headline on the Chron’s website today:

Texas phone bills will soon see an ‘unprecedented’ rate hike after state commission vote

Here is the start of the story by Eric Grieder:

Texans who use a phone should expect to pay more for that service, thanks to a startling rate increase adopted by the Public Utility Commission of Texas last month.

Commissioners in July voted to increase a longstanding surcharge assessed on telecommunications providers’ receipts for voice services to 24 percent from 3.3 percent. The new rate, which took effect Aug. 1, will add couple of dollars a month for a consumer with a typical individual cell phone plan, and potentially several times that for customers with family plans, or those who pay for calls on a per-minute basis.

“It’s unprecedented,” said Rusty Moore, COO of BBT Telecom, a provider headquartered in Alpine, and board president of the Texas Telephone Association.

The move came after a court ordered the PUC to restore $200 million in overdue money to the Texas Universal Service Fund, which provides support to the state’s rural telecoms, which serve some 4 million customers across Texas. Federal and state rules invoke a standard of “universal service,” meaning that all Americans should have access to basic communications services, but the low population density of rural areas means that service providers struggle to turn a profit without charging exorbitant rates. The Texas Universal Service Fund’s financing mechanism was established in 1987, by state law, to shore up this system.

Here is all of the Grieder story: Texans will see an ‘unprecedented’ rate hike on their phone bills (

You know how the state has moved money around to fund Gov. Greg Abbott’s border photo op. Why don’t they move some money around to cover this rate increase.


Speaking of the arsehole Abbott, his campaign said they would do one debate with Beto on a Friday night in September. Maybe they could get away with a Friday night debate in 1998, but this is 24 years later.  We didn’t have the social media presence in 1998 that we do now.  This will just highlight how much of a worthless, gutless, POS Abbott is.


We did it. We are tied with the Yankees for best AL record at 71-40. Plus, we own the tiebreaker.

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