More on Playoffs

We lost a great one on Sunday. Paul Burka was one of the best to cover Texas politics and the Texas Legislature over the last 50 years.

Paul brought us the Texas Monthly Ten Best and Worst Legislators.  A state senator or state representative had to earn it to get named to either.  Being named “furniture” was worse than being Worst, in my book.


45 years go today, Elvis left us. I remember that day.

I saw Elvis when he performed at the rodeo at the Astrodome in the early 1970s.


First Lady Jill Biden tested positive for COVID-19. Sigh.  


MLB read Commentary’s take on the playoffs yesterday and released the schedule.  The MLB regular season ends on Wednesday. October 5 and the Wild Card Series will begin on Friday, October 7. All Wild Card Series games will be carried on ESPN.

If the Astros hold on and win the AL West as a top two seed, the AL Division Series would begin on Tuesday, October 11 at The Yard. ALDS games will be carried on TBS. NLDS games will be carried on Fox or FS1.

Travel days will be eliminated in the Division Series between games 4 and 5 in the League Championship Series between games 5 and 6.

If everything stays on schedule during the playoffs, a World Series Game 7 would be played on Saturday, November 5.

Hey, that’s what happens when you add a team to the playoff and delay the season opening with an owners’ lockout.


Fans are second guessing Dusty Baker for pulling the starting pitcher last night.  At least Dusty is owning his decision. We should have won last night. Oh, well.

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