Towering Shadows

The editorial cartoon I have up today was in last Thursday’s hard copy of the Chron. Originally, it was in the New York Daily News. It is eerily well done with the Twin Towers shadows.


This Trib headline today says a lot.

Texas Republicans are trying to sell school choice measures, but rural conservatives aren’t buying

It is a good read here: GOP’s school choice measures are a tough sell in rural Texas | The Texas Tribune.

Nope. Nope.


In 13 days, my Dad will celebrate his final double digit birthday.


I have let folks know that I used to work for a Texas Governor. Democrat Mark White from January 1983 until January 1987.  My title was Special Assistant to the Governor. I was involved in key aspects of his administration. Policy, legislative matters, disaster response, relations with local government officials, and appointments. Part of the appointment process involved background checks.  We never appointed anyone who was under indictment.  Never.

That is one of the things you don’t do. Let them get their names cleared before you appoint them to a public position of trust.

Last week, Gov. Greg Abbott appointed Justin Berry to the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement. Berry is an Austin police officer who was indicted for using excessive force during the George Floyd protests in Austin. Abbott is saying fu_k you to the rule of law.

This is the same Abbott who is busing migrants to Washington D.C. and New York City. He is using human beings as political pawns for political theater. Abbott is human scum for sure.


Former MLBer Frank Howard is 86 today. Howard won a World Series ring with the Dodgers in 1963 over the Yankees in a 4-game sweep. Howard hit a dinger in Game 4 in a 2-1 win. Just so you know, Vin Scully, who left us last week, called the 1963 series on TV for NBC. Howard also played with the old Washington Senators, then the Texas Rangers and with the Tigers. He was the NL Rookie of the Year in 1960. Four-time MLB All Star. He led MLB in dingers in 1968 with 44. His 44 dingers in 1970 led the AL. He had 382 career dingers and 1,119 career RBIs. Happy Birthday, Frank Howard!

José Cruz is 75 today. 2,251 career base hits. .284 career batting average. 2-time MLB All Star. He was on our post season teams in 1980, 1981 and 1986. After the 1980 season, he got the third most NL MVP votes behind winner Mike Schmidt and runner-up Gary Carter.  Want to know who was in fourth place? You got it – Dusty Baker. Happy Birthday, Cheo!

We are 70-40 after splitting the 4-game series in Cleveland. We are still a half game behind the Yankees for the best record in the AL. We are 6 behind the Dodgers for best MLB record. With 52 games left on our schedule it is not likely we can overtake the Dodgers. On paper, we have a better shot at the AL best record. On paper though. We saw that happened in Oakland a couple of weeks ago.

We have today off, then the Rangers visit The Yard for three.

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