Deep Impact

Yesterday, Commentary watched live on my laptop NASA’s DART spacecraft smash into the asteroid. The end was very cool.  Seeing the asteroid up close, just like the movies, except, this was real. I wanted to reach out and touch the surface.

It got me to thinking about “Armageddon” and “Deep Impact,” flicks about asteroids heading toward Earth.  I liked them both – equally. They both were released in 1998, a couple of months apart.  “Armageddon” did about $553 million at the box office, and “Deep Impact” $349 million.

“Deep Impact” had more Oscar winners in its cast like Robert Duvall, Morgan Freeman, Vanessa Redgrave, and Maximilian Schell over “Armageddon” which had Ben Affleck and Bily Bob Thornton.

“Armageddon” received 4 Oscar nominations and didn’t win anything, “Deep Impact” was shutout.

I guess you could call yesterday our “Deep Impact” moment because it certainly wasn’t “Armageddon.”

Thank you.


From Greg Shaw on my take yesterday on Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo and County Commissioner Jack Cagle not showing up:

If you’re going to criticize the Ds leaving Austin, then you got to call out the Rs not showing up at Commissioners Court.

I don’t like it when any elected official does it. That’s not what the people send them there for.

Texans go down with their boots on, not slipping out the back door.


I must hand it to Cancun Cruz for admitting that his arse is owned by Donald Trump. Here is from an online story a couple of days ago:

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas said his Republican peers are hesitant to criticize former President Donald Trump because if they do, Trump “turns around and punches them in the face.”

The junior senator from the great state of Texas admitting that his arse is owned. What an embarrassment. Cancun is such a pathetic fella.


This is from a fundraising email Eric Trump sent out yesterday:

This is our chance to show them that the Republican Party – or should I say, TRUMP PARTY – is more united than ever before.

Trump Party? Oh, well.


I forgot to mention that our win last Saturday night broke a string of 5 straight Saturday night losses.  We are 17-6 in September. We host the D’Backs this evening, on, oh, yeah, Dollar Dog Night.

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