GOP Haters

Credit Doanld Trump and his GOP for creating so much hate in the USA. Commentary has never seen it this bad. This is from the SA Express-News:

Hate mail and calls are rushing into the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office after Sheriff Javier Salazar announced an investigation into how 48 South American migrants were “lured” onto a flight to Martha’s Vineyard.

A sheriff’s office spokesman said the agency received an influx of calls to both the dispatch and administrative offices, along with hateful emails.

He said precautionary measures will be taken for the safety of all personnel, as is done in any instance when the office receives “threats.”

I am not surprised at the level of hate these days. These haters are lunatic jobs. They follow Trump blindly. They believe that Trump can declassify top secret documents by just thinking about it. They also believe now that maybe the FBI were looking for Hillary’s emails. Sigh. This is where we are at these days with the haters.


It is good to see this from the Chron:

Texas Republicans have mostly avoided taking sides in the professional golf showdown between the PGA Tour and the upstart, Saudi-backed LIV Golf Tour, but not Texas U.S. Rep. Chip Roy, whose Hill Country district includes Northwest San Antonio.

The upstart golf league is funded by the sovereign wealth fund of Saudi Arabia as part of its decadelong plan to diversify its economy from reliance on oil and increase tourism. In contrast to other professional sports, professional golfers have traditionally not enjoyed guaranteed contracts irrespective of performance or health, instead earning winnings based on their tournament finishes.

LIV has exploited that, offering tens or even hundreds of millions to poach some of the world’s top players. The CEO is Australian golf legend Greg Norman, who is also a longtime friend and supporter of former President Donald J. Trump.

Norman visited Capitol Hill on Wednesday to address a conservative House caucus and press his case that the PGA Tour had violated federal antitrust laws in its efforts to keep players from jumping ship. He may have expected a friendly reception given his close ties to Trump, who has backed the Saudi league and hosted one of their tournaments at his New Jersey club this summer, but Roy was evidently having none of it.

“Don’t come in here and act like you’re doing some great thing while you’re pimping a billion dollars of Saudi Arabian money and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the United States,” Roy told reporters following the event, as reported by The Hill. Roy then described Norman’s visit to the Capitol as “PR for Saudi Arabia — it’s PR for LIV Golf.”

Good for Cong. Roy.


There will be 12 teams that will make the MLB playoffs. 5 teams have clinched spots as of this morning. The Astros and Yankees in the AL. The Dodgers, Mets and The ATL in the NL.

We lost last night.

Have a safe weekend.

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