Home Field Advantage

Happy Birthday today to State Sen. Carol Alvarado! 

I first met Sen. Alvarado in early 1988 when she volunteered on a couple of campaigns I was running. We hit it off well on the first day we met at the campaign headquarters.

I have had a front row seat watching her grow into an outstanding public servant, elected official, politician, and Democratic Party leader. 

She is smart, sharp, witty and can take the hardest of shots directed at her. 

She cares about her community. She cares about her family.

She is special.

She is one of my best friends.


Here was a Chron online headline from 7 pm last night on Harris County Commissioners Court:

Harris County’s GOP boycott scraps millions in funding increases for police, flood control and health

Here is the hard copy front page headline this morning:

No-show commissioners force lower tax rate

Here is the E-Board hard copy headline today:

Republicans just defunded police

One thing about today’s GOP, locally and nationally, they put holding on to power over policy.

It looks like GOP County Commissioner Jack Cagle is betting that his throwing county government budgeting into chaos will get him and Alex Mealer elected.


If it were up to Commentary, I would have passed on debating last night in Pennsylvania.


In the 2019 and 2021 World Series against the Nationals and The ATL, we had home field advantage and lost both series.

In 2017, the Dodger had home field advantage and we won.

In 2022, we have home field advantage versus the Phillies.

The ATL, National, and Phillies are in the NL East.

Our home record in World Series games is 3-9.

Home field advantage?


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