Playoff Bound

This is from the lead front page story of today’s Chron:

Mayor Sylvester Turner said Wednesday he will ask voters in 2023 to amend the city’s cap on property tax revenue to allow for more public safety spending, as the council cut the city’s tax rate for the eighth time in nine years to get under that limit.

Turner said he would bring language to City Council shortly to put the measure on the November 2023 ballot, after At-Large Councilmember Michael Kubosh expressed concern about how the city will be able to afford the increasing police and fire budgets with strained resources.

And this:

Charles Blain, an organizer with the conservative group Urban Reform, argued the cap is working as designed.

“At some point, the city needs to exercise fiscal discipline, rather than asking for more, which is exactly why the property tax cap was implemented in the first place,” Blain said. The savings, he added, are even more important as the city and county pursue bond elections this year. 

If the Urban Reform fella is against it, then we ought to remove the rev cap altogether. Just saying.


The latest on Herschel Walker just confirms what folks know. The GOP prefers scum over decency. That is your 2022 GOP.


Aaron Judge ended the season with 62 dingers. It is an AL record.  Barry Bonds holds the MLB record with 73.

Dusty Baker was Bonds’s manager when he hit 73.  Here is what Dusty had to say yesterday:

“What I saw Barry do, I don’t care what people say. I was with him every day. They want to put an asterisk by it, but them 73 that went over the fence didn’t have an asterisk by them when they went over that fence with regularity.”

Hard to argue with Dusty on this.

106-56. Second best record in franchise history.  16 game lead over the Mariners. We are very good team heading into the playoffs next week.

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