Postseason 2022

President George W. Bush leading us into a war with Iraq was pretty much a bad move. Commentary was always against it. I was in the minority.  When folks realized it was a debacle, we voted out congressional GOPers in the 2006 election.

Russians don’t have that option. They know that Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine isn’t going well, but what can they do about it?

This is what was trending in Russia yesterday:

Russian Google Searches on When Putin Will Die Are Skyrocketing

You have to figure Putin is heading into paranoia-ville.


Chron VP Editor of Opinion Lisa Falkenberg tweeted out the following today on who the Chron will endorse for Harris County Judge:

It was fascinating to watch the candidates debate the issues. They both have very different priorities. That’s the hardest part about deciding whom to support: how much weight to give the current emergency of crime versus the complete vision for the future of Harris County.

I will help Lisa out if she wants my help. This is Harris County. We are not Trump country. Alex Meaner is a Trumper. Got it?

Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo has a new ad putting it on Meaner. Good ad.


We are in our 61st season of MLB.  This will be out 16th season playing into the postseason.

This will be our 29th postseason series. Our postseason series record is 14-14.

Our first one was in 1980 against the Phillies.

We won our first one in 2004 against The ATL.

We also lost our last one in 2021 against The ATL.

The teams that we have faced more than once: The ATL – 6 times, Boston – 3, Yankees – 3, Dodgers – 2, Rays – 2, San Luis – 2, and the White Sox – 2.

We are 3-0 versus the Yankees, 2-1 versus Boston, 1-1 versus the Dodgers, Rays, San Luis, and White Sox, and 2-4 versus The ATL.

Playing the Mariners will be the second time we face a team from the same division in the postseason since we moved to the AL West.  We played the A’s in the ALDS in 2020.  When we were in the NL Central, we played San Luis twice in the postseason and they were in the NL Central.

Among active MLB players, Jose Altuve is number one in career postseason dingers with 23.

The Mariners are a really good team. Even though we are in the same division, we haven’t played them in 72 days. We last met on July 31 at The Yard. We won the season series with them 12-7.

It is going to be a good series.

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