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Now this is what Commentary wants and needs to know. If you care about our local elections process, you want to know this too.

Here is from this weekend’s Chron:

Harris County residents likely will have a long night waiting for election returns Nov. 8, according to county Elections Administrator Clifford Tatum.

It takes around one minute for the county’s equipment to read a digital drive that contains a polling location’s vote count — and election workers will be receiving a drive from each of the county’s 782 polling locations.

The county’s equipment can read two of those drives at the same time, which would put the total counting time — assuming no problems arise — at more than six and a half hours. 

“That sort of tells you how long it’s going to take to process all of the results that come in from Election Night,” Tatum said. 

“The reality is that we will not have all of the final results tabulated before midnight,” Tatum added. “The math simply does not lend itself to allow us to do that.”

And this:

Asked why the county does not have more equipment available to cut down the reporting time, Tatum said the challenge is balancing speed and accuracy.

“If you have multiple readers going, you want to be sure that the operators that are operating those readers are following the processes and procedures. So, if we have the opportunity to add in an additional reader, we’ll do that. But right now, our plan is to read two at a time. They are expensive equipment. It’s about control and accuracy in the process.”

Tatum said he expects it will take election judges around one hour to close down the voting machines after the polls close at 7 p.m.

Next, election judges or other deputized drivers will transport the ballots to the Central Count location at NRG Arena. 

“We would anticipate receiving the polling locations’ results by 8, 8:30 p.m. at the earliest,” Tatum said. “We would then start reading those results as they come to the Central Count location. And once we get to 7:45, 8:45 p.m,, we will release a report.”

The county typically releases the results of early voting shortly after all polls have closed. That sometimes is delayed because of large turnout; polls will stay open after 7 p.m. for people still waiting in line at that time.

The crazy, wacko, conspiracy crowd still won’t believe the facts and truth.

Good for the Chron’s Jen Rice for doing this story.


I will say it. We are the best team in MLB. That doesn’t mean we will win the World Series. We will be favored. We will have to handle business.

Yankee fans will have a very long winter for sure. Their hate got them nowhere.

At least Yankee players acknowledged what happened during the sweep.

Here is from Yankee pitcher Luis Severino:

“The bottom line is, we need to be better if we want to beat those guys. They’re here because they’re the best.”

Think about this. We swept the Mariners 3 zip in the ALDS. We swept the Yankees in the ALCS 4 zip.

I guess most of America’s baseball fans will be rooting against us. I get it. They will root for the Phillies.

I like our team up and down the lineup. 26 will make the World Series roster. Each one of them can make the big play.

It is World Series week in H-Town. Vote early and then #LevelUp!

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