GOP Disarray

The right wingers on “What’s Your Point” yesterday admitted that they got it wrong on the Harris County Judge race. They didn’t have any excuses.

Host Greg Groogan opined as to why more Harris County voters didn’t heed the message on crime and judgeships.  I will tell Greg why. Democrats think crime is a major issue and concern. We just don’t think Republicans can properly address or handle this issue. Pretty simple.


Here is a funny line from the Chron E-Board yesterday on the impact of the election in Texas:

Texas Democrats post-election can look forward to another season of playing masa to GOP tortilla makers when the Texas Legislature convenes in a few weeks.

Masa Caucus, I guess.


From Yahoo News:

The Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) on Sunday said Senate GOP leadership “caved” to Democrats on a number of legislative bills over the past year, citing that as one reason Republicans did not perform as well as projected in the midterm elections.

Scott, the chair of the Senate Republicans’ campaign arm, told Maria Bartiromo on Fox News channel’s “Sunday Morning Futures” that Republicans “caved in on the debt ceiling, caved in on a gun bill, caved in on a fake infrastructure bill.”

“We [made] it difficult for our candidates,” the senator said. “We can’t do that.”

Scott said Republicans were also not clear on what the party stood for headed into Election Day.

“What do we stand for? What are we hell-bent to get done?” Scott asked. “The leadership in the Republican Senate says, ‘No, you cannot have a plan. We’re just going to run against how bad the Democrats are.’ And, actually, then they cave into the Democrats.”

Let me highlight this line from the article:

Scott, the chair of the Senate Republicans’ campaign arm

What an arsehole. Sen. Scott was part of the leadership. He was predicting that the GOP would have 55 or so seats. 

Commentary is not a fan of Sen. Mitch McConnell, who is getting attacked right now from a ton of GOPers. He is a national arsehole in my book. A couple or so months ago, he did say that “candidate quality” mattered.

Commentary said it last week, it is fun watching the GOP play the blame game and go after each other.

Oh, yeah. Donald Trump is announcing another run tomorrow. Don’t you love it?

Disarray. Trump. Election deniers. Racism. White supremacists. Doesn’t work in America.

It wasn’t that long ago when the GOP was poking fun at President Joe Biden’s age and mannerisms. Remember when they were making fun of Vice-President Kamala Harris. President Biden owned the election last week.

We still have the U.S. House to settle. Commentary is also watching the Arizona governor’s race. It should wrap up in the next day or so.


Astros fans continue to head out to meet Astros players. The latest is Jeremy Peña at a Rasing Cane off the Gulf Freeway at noon today. Nice.

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