Rain Delay

This morning I went out to fetch the Chron on my front yard. It was still dark. A coyote scooted past me down my street. That is a first. A coyote on my street.


You know school vouchers are bad public policy when not even Texas GOP legislators can agree on the issue.


I think I may have addressed this lawsuit when it was first filed years ago. Here is from today’s Chron:

As the Houston Astros battle the Philadelphia Phillies in the World Series, Astros owner Jim Crane is engaged in a decade-long legal fight with the previous ownership group claiming they lied and overcharged him by hundreds of millions of dollars when he bought the team in 2011.
Lawyers for Crane told the Texas Supreme Court last week that their client was duped into paying $332 million too much when he purchased the Astros and a stake in a regional sports network as part of the purchase. Crane wants a Houston jury to decide the case.
But Crane’s demand for hundreds of millions of dollars in damages was met with a skeptical eye when justices on the state’s highest court pointed out that the value of his investment has climbed 600 percent since he purchased the Astros in 2011.

Crane ought to sue the folks he hired to help with the purchase. How do you miss $332 million? Give me a break while you are charging Commentary close to $20 for a Saint Arnold.


NFL season ticket holders often complain about having to fork over dough for three meaningless pre-season games. Up until 1976, there used to be a game during the preseason between the reigning NFL champion and college all-stars that were heading to the pros. They started playing the game in the 1934.

Now you know.


My Beatles wall calendar for November has a photo of the four in Sgt. Pepper’s gear from1967. The other calendar has photos from the Roof Top Concert from January 30, 1969.


I gave out some candy to trick-or-treaters last night. Best costume? Some kid dressed as a Southwest Airline 737. I had to show him and his parents my Southwest Airline 737 model that Southwest gave me for helping lead the team in getting international service at Hobby Airport 10 years ago or so.

A lot of parents last night were wearing Astros gear.

Game 3 was postponed. I read this morning that the postponement should help Phillies pitching. If our guys are playing their game, it won’t matter.


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