The Best

Election Day is tomorrow. The pandemic, polling issues, unreliable voter turnout models, the drop in mail ballots, the Donald Trump factor, worldwide inflation, and abortion make it kind of difficult to predict what result will show up tomorrow night. I just hope it is a good night for Democrats.


Commentary wasn’t surprised we won it all Saturday night. I have said lately that we are a very good team and if we play our type of ball, we will be very hard to beat.

The Astros are the best run baseball operation in MLB. Hands down.

Of the folks Commentary knows and respects in Baseball Nation, we have earned their respect. I don’t give a rat’s arse about the opinions of folks I don’t respect.

To the Astros haters in this country and Canada, well, at least you are hating the best team in the world. We are better than the other 29 teams in MLB including the Dodgers and Yankees.

In the months of October and November, we were 15-3.

Maybe the whining from the few MLBers still out there will fade away. My message to them: shut the f_ck up.

Oh, yeah. When the 2023 MLB season is fixing to start, and baseball writers and publications start rolling out their 2023 predictions, don’t take any seriously that don’t have the Astros going back-to-back.

On owner Jim Crane bringing back manager Dusty Baker and General Manager James Click. It would be a bad public relations move not to ring back Dusty. No one really cares about the GM. Crane is the owner of the World Champions Astros, so he may decide that he can take the PR hit. I won’t be happy if Dusty is not our manager next season, but I am not going to lose any sleep over this decision. Dusty has his ring as a manager

Commentary won’t be going to the parade today. Some local ISDs are giving kids the day off so they can attend. There is a little bit of debate about shutting down schools. What to do with young kids with two working parents, and ISD teachers and staff that call in sick. I will stay out of this debate. Why waste my energy when it will all be history tomorrow. I will watch the parade on the flat screen.

The City of H-Town is advising fans to take the Metro Rail to the parade. The problem with that is inadequate parking at many of the rail stops and not enough rail cars. We saw what happened five years ago when folks were stranded at the south end of the Red Line.

On Astros World Series gear, I would wait a few days then go check out more variety online.

I am sure the Astros are already planning the multiple World Series ring giveaway games for next season. To pack the crowds in on weeknights like they did in 2018.

Yuli Gurriel was removed from the roster before Game 6 because of a knee injury. I was asking yesterday if he was celebrating the World Series championship because I didn’t remember seeing him Saturday night. He is on the front page of the Chron Sports section today hoisting the trophy.


We did. We are the best.

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