Carrier Dilemma

I guess since we are fixing to freeze our arses off tomorrow, it is appropriate to welcome the winter today. Hello, winter.


Award winning actress Jane Fonda is 85 today and still going strong.  She started acting in flicks in 1960. She is making movies in 2022.

I don’t need to tell you about her civil rights and anti-war activism. Some still hate her for going to Hanoi to protest the Vietnam War. Some hate her for doing the tomahawk chop in The ATL when she was married to Ted Turner. Some local Democrats smirked some when she campaigned a few weeks ago in the H-Town East End with Judge Lina Hidalgo. The out of touch with the East End thing. Commentary wasn’t smirking.

I am a fan of her acting and activism. She is a lib. You know where she is coming from. You know what she is about. She is the real deal, and she even admits what is not real about her if you know what I mean.

“Cat Ballou,” “The China Syndrome,” “Klute,” “9to 5,” and on and on.

Don’t forget her workout tapes and Leona in “The Newsroom.”

She will soon be seen in “80 for Brady,” as in Tom Brady.

Happy Birthday, Jane Fonda! A great American.


Commentary writes a check every Christmas to the person who delivers my Chron hard copy every morning. No telling what time they must get up in the morning to do this probably thankless gig. They do it in rain, fog, and cold weather. I am thinking it is probably not a profit endeavor for the Chron business operation. Here is my dilemma.

As the Christmas season approaches, I usually find an insert in the hard copy of the name of the carrier with their address. You have the option to write them a check for a tip of sorts. Two or three weeks ago, there was a red insert with the name of the carrier who lived in 77006 with a note saying he was my independent carrier with a Christmas message. Got it. I was planning to write him a check this week and mail it to him. His name initials are SC.

This past Sunday there was an insert with a message from an LG in 77022 wishing me a happy holidays and blessings. LG didn’t say he was my carrier. Why the insert?

Yesterday, I called the Chron subscriber services and the first person I talked to said they didn’t have carrier information then the call was cut off. I called right back and talked to another person, and he provided me with my carrier with the name initials JV.  I checked my bank account and JV wasn’t the person I wrote a check to last year. What the heck?

Maybe I should write two checks. Tis the Christmas season after all.


From time-to-time Commentary mentions MLB economics. Like now. Carlos Correa didn’t pass a physical with the Giants so now he signed a huge contract with the Mets reportedly. Got it?

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