The Southwest Airlines fiasco impacted my family. My nephew, who lives in Nashville and was visiting for Christmas, had to scramble and found a flight on United after his flight back home on Southwest was cancelled Monday. My niece and her husband flew to El Paso for Christmas to visit his family. Their Southwest Airlines flight back to H-Town yesterday was cancelled. Lucky for them, their nephew and his mom had driven to El Paso from H-Town last week.  They caught a ride back to H-Town yesterday with their nephew’s mom. Whew!

It certainly was a huge systems failure within Southwest Airlines. Embarrassing, ridiculous and inexcusable.

Here is from the Chron E-Board today:

Et tu, Southwest?

The pride of the Texas skies, our beloved, affordable Southwest Airlines, quickly turned into the villain this week, spoiling holiday travel plans for thousands of stranded travelers. It’s a situation so bumpy, even a wise-cracking Southwest flight attendant couldn’t smooth it over.

People are angry, confused, frustrated. They want answers.  

Southwest was not alone in dealing with the fallout of a particularly bad winter storm that covered much of the country ahead of the Christmas weekend, but that was only the beginning for the Dallas-based carrier. 

Though other airlines have begun to dig themselves out from the storm, Southwest is still in the midst of what can only be described as dumpster fire-levels of meltdown and surely one of the worst failures in the company’s history, with tens of thousands of cancelled flights in recent days. The airline even preemptively canceled more than 5,000 more flights this week as part of a “reset.”

Here is the entire read: Southwest delays and cancellations ruined holiday travel for thousands. Why? [Editorial] (


J.J. Watt is one of the all-time H-Town greats. I really can’t add to the tributes out there since he announced his retirement from the NFL yesterday. I am curious to know about the next chapter in his life.

It is too bad the Texans front office couldn’t put together a team that would have allowed J.J. to play in a Super Bowl.


Wow! Everyone knows Donald Trump is the biggest liar in history. For decades he’s been spewing lies and his GOP just accepted his lies as facts. Remember Kellyanne Conway and alternative facts from 2017.

Some GOPers, not all may I add, are calling out this New York GOP Cong.-Elect George Santos fella for telling a bunch of lies about himself and his religion. Duh?  You GOP guys have been cool with lies for the past seven or eight years.  The GOP has been a breeding ground for lies and liars in politics.  Commentary is shocked that some GOPers are finally discovering the truth.


Nothing to report from The Yard today.

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