To Day 3

Day 2 looked like Day 1 on the U.S. House Floor yesterday. Commentary hasn’t heard or seen anything that Day 3 will look different. The GOP brand, if you want to call a clown show a brand, continues to take a hit. At some point they must move on. 


The Chron E-Board has a take today on the long-awaited report by the Harris County Elections Administrator on how the 2022 November election was conducted. You know, the report that was inconclusive.  That is kind of what the E-Board take looks like, so go find you a hard copy and check it out.


Off the Kuff has a take on H-Town council members Michael Kubosh and Dave Martin running for City Controller here:

I’ve heard talk about CM Martin as a Controller candidate for some time now. CM Kubosh had been mentioned as a possible Mayoral candidate in the past but that had died down. For what it’s worth, as of the July finance reports, Martin had $151K on hand to $60K for Kubosh. The January reports will be out soon and we’ll see what they look like. There’s plenty of time to raise more money, though the Controller’s race usually doesn’t attract the big bucks.

I say these are the first two candidates for Controller because there’s just no way that they’re the only two. Given the demographics and politics of Houston, it would be mind-boggling in the extreme for there not to be at least one candidate of color in the race. In 2015 the field included MJ Khan, Jew Don Boney, Carroll Robinson, and Dwight Jefferson. Khan also ran in 2009; he and Pam Holm lost to Ronald Green. Just a stray, idle thought, but maybe this would be a good opportunity for a Latino candidate. Anyway, this is the time of the cycle where we start seeing a bunch of candidate announcements. I’m sure there will be plenty more soon enough.

Here is the entire Off the Kuff read: The first two candidates for City Controller – Off the Kuff.


My Beatles wall calendar for the month of January has the familiar photo of the four in Sgt. Pepper’s gear from 1967. This photo is black and white. My other calendar has not yet arrived.


The team announced the entire broadcast team – TV, radio, and Spanish language – will be returning next season.

The team also announced that the 2022 World Series trophy will go on tour beginning tomorrow in the Woodlands. The trophy will make more than 100 stops across the H-Town area and the state. Fans can take a photo with the trophy at no charge. Cool.

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