Lazyarse Trib

Add the Texas Tribune to the growing list of media outfits in these parts who are good at lazyarse reporting on the November election day problems in Harris County in 2022. The Trib is doing a disservice to voters, Harris County, to Texas, to the elections process, and to democracy.  See this from the Trib:

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick called for a redo Monday of Harris County elections after voters faced difficulties casting their ballots in November when some voting centers did not have enough ballot paper for the number of voters who came in.

How many people went to go vote that didn’t go back? We don’t know,” Patrick said during a talk at the Magic Circle Republican Women’s Club. “So we do need to have a new election.”

A spokesperson for the secretary of state’s office said only a court order could force a redo of an election.

Patrick joins other top lawmakers like Gov. Greg Abbott, who have said the issues may have affected the outcome of the hotly contested local elections, in which County Judge Lina Hidalgo, a rising Democratic star, eked out a win against Alexandra del Moral Mealer, a well-funded GOP opponent, by only about 18,000 votes — less than 2% of the votes.

Here is the entire read: Dan Patrick calls for election redo in Harris County after voting problems | The Texas Tribune.

Commentary will say it again. And I will keep saying it again to the lazyarse media.  Produce voters from Harris County who didn’t get to vote on election day because of problems at polling locations before you run these stories.

When Patrick says “how many people went to go vote that didn’t go back? We don’t know,” ask him, Abbott and the Harris County GOP for the names of voters who didn’t get to vote that day. They have had three months to produce names.

Letting them make these false allegations without facts is doing a disservice to the public.  Lazyarse journalists.

You are either lazy or dumb or both.


Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders will give the GOP response to President Joe Biden’s state of the union speech tonight. She is back on the national stage to lie and be dishonest. That is your 2023 GOP.

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