Punk Paxton

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Commentary said last week that I had no idea what wokeness was. Yesterday, on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” the New Hampshire GOP governor struggled to define woke cancel culture. Just saying.


We all heard about the crook GOP Texas AG Ken Paxton reach a settlement with his former top aides. What a punk, but we all know that. Now the top GOP officials in the Texas legislature must approve the $3.3 million that will be paid out because of his crooked behavior. That is way too funny.

Here is from the Chron:

Four former aides to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton have settled a suit against his office in which they claimed they had been fired in retaliation for reporting him to authorities for alleged corruption crimes.

According to the settlement agreement obtained by Hearst Newspapers, Paxton will pay $3.3 million total to the whistleblowers. He will also remove a news release from his website that had been critical of the employees, and he will state in the agreement that he “accepts that plaintiffs acted in a manner that they thought was right and apologizes for referring to them as ‘rogue employees.'”

Paxton, a Republican who was re-elected in November, said Friday that the settlement “put this issue to rest.”

“I have chosen this path to save taxpayer dollars and ensure my third term as attorney general is unburdened by unnecessary distractions,” he said. “This settlement achieves these goals. I look forward to serving the people of Texas for the next four years free from this unfortunate sideshow.”

The settlement will likely be paid for using taxpayer dollars, as has Paxton’s defense thus far. As of last spring, taxpayers had paid about $200,000 of Paxton’s legal fees. Hearst Newspapers has asked the office for an updated figure.

The agreement states that it is contingent upon all necessary approvals. The Legislature will need to agree to appropriate the funds. At least one Republican lawmaker has raised concerns.

“I am extremely troubled and concerned that hardworking taxpayers might be on the hook for this settlement between the attorney general and former employees of his office,” Rep. Jeff Leach, R-Plano, told the Texas Tribune. “I’ve spoken with the attorney general directly this morning and communicated in no uncertain terms that, on behalf of our constituents, legislators will have questions and legislators will expect answers.”

It will be entertaining to watch the GOPers contort and gyrate as they go through this.  No moral high ground in sight for this bunch. What a joke.


As we were watching the halftime show at my Dad’s last night, we were discussing and wondering about Rhianna and if she was expecting.

Damar Hamlin and the medical folks who saved his life and helped him get healthy was certainly emotional to start the game.

There were a few ads that I liked last night. J-Lo, Ben Affleck and Dunkin was a nice one.

The Farmer’s Dog ad was first rate.

Bud Light dancing while on hold worked.

Thank you Canada was good.

Amazon’s dog ad was very good.

Premature electrification was funny.

Oh, yeah. I was rooting for a good game, and we got one.

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