Opening Day

Third verse, same as the first.

Commentary is talking about last night’s TEA meeting on the Board of Managers process.

Here is from the Chron:

(TEA Commissioner Mike) Morath did not attend the meeting. People in the audience immediately booed and questioned his notable absence.

“He could not be here tonight,” said TEA deputy commissioner Alejandro Delgado, who fielded questions from the podium during a meeting that ran for an hour and 20 minutes.

Morath told the Chronicle editorial board that he could not attend last week’s community forums because he was “under the weather.” Delgado provided no explanation for his absence this week. A final forum is scheduled for Thursday night at Kashmere High School.

“If he doesn’t have the respect for the people of this district – the teachers, the families, the children – to stand up and answer our questions, what kind of accountability is he really offering?” said Louisa Meacham, a teacher at Northside High School. “What kind of leadership is he really offering? None.”

Dude. Don’t be a chicken s_it. If you can visit the Chron E-Board and the Harris County legislative delegation, you can visit with the folks  of the ISD you are fixing to takeover.  

The featured photo is from the Chron from last night’s meeting.


Former H-Town Council Member Carroll Robinson sent this out today:

I want to personally let the members of the Texas Coalition of Black Democrats know that I am considering running for Congress in the historic 18th Congressional District now that Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee has decided to come home to run for Mayor of Houston. 

Got it.


Former Astro Jake Marisnick is 32 today. Happy Birthday, Jake!

Alex Bregman is 29 today. Happy Birthday, Alex Bregman!

We now have a pitch clock. The bases are larger. No more defensive shifts.

My nephew David and I will be at Opening Day. This will be my first Opening Day since 2019. Peanuts, maybe a hot dog, and Saint Arnold for sure. And a W.

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