Phony Tears

Yep. Those are phony tears in the featured photo. Commentary is talking about HISD Trustee Elizabeth Santos whose unethical behavior contributed to TEA taking over HISD. 

Here is the Chron story that is just out:

The Houston Independent School District board voted on Thursday night to end its lawsuit with the Texas Education Agency, effectively ending the district’s legal fight against an attempted state takeover. 

The motion passed with support of eight of the nine trustees following a brief closed session. Trustee Kathy Blueford-Daniels, who represents District II that houses Wheatley High, voted against the measure. 

Superintendent Millard House II said he does not know what the board’s decision will mean for the state’s takeover effort because that agency has made no announcement or decision. 

“That was a board decision in an effort to get to the table to have conversations with TEA,” he said in an interview following the meeting. “There hasn’t been conversations.” 

Dani Hernandez, board president, said the board remains committed to students and student outcomes. 

“We are now at the point where it is time for us to move forward,” she said during the meeting. “It is in our students’ and our employees’ best interest for us to end this lawsuit between HISD and TEA and navigate and build relationships between all the parties…We look forward to bringing both organizations to the table soon for the best interest of children.”

The district is withdrawing from the lawsuit to “end further expenditure of district resources, as there is no further legal recourse,” according to the motion. 

“We finally lost at the Supreme Court and we don’t have any processes left to push our case,” trustee Elizabeth Santos said through tears. “This battle is over but our fight for democracy and public education will never be over. It is time for the community to come together by uniting our voices at the legislature and our neighborhood schools and at the ballot box.” 

In theory the district could file for a rehearing and continue the legal battle. HISD did request more time to file a motion for a rehearing in late January, but never ended up following through on it. 

Given the Texas Supreme Court decision, the board’s decision to stop putting resources toward the lawsuit makes sense, said attorney Christopher L. Tritico, who has represented three Houston-area districts — North Forest, Beaumont and La Marque — in takeover hearings.

“A rehearing is one in a million, and it’s just not worth it. I think they are making a prudent decision in public funds at this point in recognizing the decision is over,” Tritico said. “It doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren’t conceding that they think the commissioner is right, they just don’t have any legal maneuvering.”

Need I remind you. Here is from the TEA investigation of HISD from 2019:

Secret meetings: Based on emails, interviews and text messages, investigators found that five school board members — Sergio Lira, Anne Sung, Elizabeth Santos, Holly Maria Flynn Vilaseca and board president Diana Dávila all “secretly met” with Dr. Abelardo Saavedra at a local restaurant, in a meeting that was not publicly posted, as required by state law. “The trustees violate the open meetings act when they deliberate public business outside of a properly posted public meeting through multiple communications each involving fewer than a quorum,” the report said. Three days later, the five trustees voted in a public meeting to fire the interim superintendent and hire Saavedra instead.

Save me the tears. The photo is from yesterday’s HISD board meeting. HISD Trustee District 1 voters reelected Santos by 46 votes in 2021. You asked for it.

Commentary said a few days ago that the takeover may happen today.  There was supposed to be a meeting in Austin yesterday that had to be postponed, so I don’t know.


From the still paying for this idiot’s sins department. Check this from the Chron:

The Texans must forfeit a fifth-round pick in the upcoming NFL draft for paying for a gym membership at The Houstonian for former quarterback Deshaun Watson while their team facility was required by the league to be closed during the pandemic.

The franchise now has 10 total draft picks, none in the fifth round.

The league uncovered that the Texans paid $26,777 for Watson’s offsite membership during its investigation of the former quarterback’s alleged sexual misconduct during massage therapy sessions. Houston’s payment for the gym membership, a violation of the NFL’s rules, occurred in 2020, prior to Watson’s signing a four-year, $160 million contract extension.

The NFL, which called the situation a violation of the league’s salary cap rules, said in a statement that the Texans will also be fined $175,000. Teams must report any player compensation or benefit to the league.

The Texans said in a statement they have “fully cooperated” with the NFL and “maintains” they “had no intention to circumvent any salary cap rules or gain any sort of competitive advantage.”

“While we disagree with the League’s ruling,” the statement said, “we will accept the imposed discipline and move forward.”

One of the worst signings in H-Town pro sports history for sure.


Yuli Gurriel signed a deal with the Marlins.


Commentary doesn’t think it is a big deal to spring forward this Sunday morning.

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