That is where you will find the Dominion v Fox settlement story. On page B9 of the Chron hard copy today.

One would think that it would be the lead story on the front page. You know. Fox News pays a hefty price for spreading lies. $787.5 million to be exact.

You know. The threat to democracy thing.

You know. Promoting the big lie.

It is the lead story in the business section. This is bigger than business.

What is on the front page you ask?

Stealing license plates, DEI, a former Harlem Globetrotter, the price of childcare, and Mattress Mack.

The Mattress Mack story on page A1 is about the 2022 local election night results.

Fox didn’t want to go to trial. They paid $787.5 million. They lost.

$787.5 million is a lot of dough. A lot.

I don’t know what the Chron was thinking putting the story on page B9.


On dealing with property taxes, GOP Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick called GOP Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan “California Dade.”  Silly. Have at it GOPers.


On occasion I stop by the Walmart on Yale down the street. I get my eyewear at Visionworks which is over there.  I also use Walmart there for a few products I can’t get elsewhere. There was an attempted robbery and shootout in the parking lot there the other night.  I am going to be on high alert next time I am over there. Too many guns out on the streets thanks to GOP Texas legislators.


Chas McCormick is 28 today. Happy Birthday, Chas!

Chas is dinged up right now. Heck, a few other players are dinged up.

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