Harry Belafonte left us. He was a great American. A civil rights activist, singer and actor. NBC broke into their regular programming this morning to give us the news of his death. He was 96.

Daylight come and we want go home.


Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon were fired within a couple of hours of each other. They were both cable news heavyweights. Carlson was in prime time. Lemon used to be in prime time but moved to a morning time slot a few months ago.

There is a huge difference between the two.

America is better off with Tucker Carlson off the air. He is a liar and conspiracy theorist. He is a major supplier of hate in America. He is a threat to our democracy.

CNN is better off with Don Lemon off the air. He was an a-hole to some of his colleagues and staff. He said a few dumb things on the air. Lemon is not a threat to our democracy. He is not a liar or a conspiracy theorist. Too bad Lemon has to be forever linked to Carlson in this manner.

I have never watched Fox News.

I stopped watching CNN.


Now that Tucker Carlson isn’t around, who is going to run Texas state government. Here is from today’s Chron E-Board:

Is that a sigh of relief we hear coming from the governor’s mansion?

Less than a week after the $787.5 million settlement between voting machine company Dominion and Fox News, the conservative media outlet announced it was parting ways with its star personality and Gov. Greg Abbott bully, Tucker Carlson.

Abbott had shown again and again that he could be influenced by Carlson’s attacks, most recently with his preemptive request to pardon the murder conviction of Sgt. Daniel Perry. The governor apparently ignored the evidence that convinced a jury including disturbing statements and posts by Perry including: “I might have to kill a few people on my way to work they are rioting outside my apartment complex.”

That was simply the “latest example of the influence” that the host appeared to “have on GOP politics in Texas,” according to Chronicle political writer Jeremy Wallace, citing Carlson’s criticism’s of Abbott’s handling of the border and his support for Ukraine. In September 2021, he skewered Abbott for only sending 2,000 National Guard and 1,000 DPS officers to the border. Two months later, Abbott committed to sending 10,000 National Guard. Carlson asked, why not 19,000?

Here is the entire E-Board read: With Tucker Carlson out at Fox News, Gov. Abbott can focus (Editorial) (

I am guessing Abbott is relieved that his arse isn’t owned by Carlson this morning.


Godfather I-III stars Al Pacino and Talia Shire are celebrating birthdays today. Pacino is 83 and Shire is 78. Happy Birthday Al Pacino and Talia Shire!

Now you know.


Yordan has a neck issue. Three of our top players are now dinged up.

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