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Today is San Jacinto Day. It is one of the most important days in Texas history. The San Jacinto Battleground is right down the street from where Commentary grew up. Too bad most Texans don’t observe.


Everyone in the H-Town area have a safe Taylor Swift weekend!


The following is the description of Disney Hits Channel 302 on SiriusXM:

Disney Hits is the Happiest SiriusXM channel on earth! All of your favorite Disney Music of all time on one channel. Featuring songs from Moana, Frozen, Lion King, Beauty and The Beast, High School Musical and many more. Plus, enjoy special magic themed hours and celebrity hosts!

Commentary listens to Disney Hits. They describe their content as the “happiest” songs. They have tunes as old as “When You Wish Upon a Star” to “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” and everything in between. Who doesn’t like the Disney tunes from Aladdin, Encanto, Little Mermaid, Mary Poppins, and Pocahontas to name a few?

When a team wins the Super Bowl, the star player of the winning team is immediately filmed saying “I am going to Disney World” or “I am going to Disneyland.”

Disney World and Disneyland continue to be major tourist draws. They are promoted as the “happiest place” in the world.

In the long run, picking a fight with Disney isn’t a winner.


Commentary is a sad case. I never achieved blue check status. I was envious yesterday reading what folks were saying about losing their blue checks. All I could do was read. Here is a sampling:

The funny thing about losing my blue checkmark is that last year, someone hacked me for my blue check, changed my name & profile pic to Elon in order to troll replies to the real Elon’s account. I only got my account back because I was…verified. LOL anyway happy Thursday!

I’d rather spend $8 a month on @Whataburger

Glad i lost the blue check so people Don’t think I’m an $8 herb

we’e freeeeeee

RIP blue check (2019-2023)

Losing my verified badge just like in What A Girl Wants when the dad steps down from the House of Lords to run for election in the House of Commons

Just lost my Twitter verification because I refuse to make a billionaire richer.

Oh, well.


Jen Rice of the Chron has another thorough article on the GOP losers who are trying to change the outcome of the election results for November 2022 here in Harris County. Here is a part of the article:

Andy Taylor, an attorney representing Republican judicial candidate Erin Lunceford, said he is not depending on the paper shortage alone to persuade the judge to throw out the election results for his client. Lunceford lost her race against incumbent 189th-District Judge Tamika Craft by 2,743 votes, a much narrower margin than most of the other contested races. 

Taylor has collected signed declarations from election judges who say they turned away around 2,800 voters at their polling places. Taylor and his team also are conducting something resembling an audit, inspecting thousands of redacted provisional ballot affidavits, residency forms and mail ballots to find ballots they say should not have been counted, such as incomplete provisional or mail ballots that are missing part of the voter’s signature, name or address.

Kevin Haynes, an attorney for Craft, said Lunceford’s team would have to meet a high bar to win: they would need to show clear and convincing evidence that any irregularity materially affected the outcome of the election.

“We strongly believe that we will be able to defend the results,” Haynes said.

Taylor said he does not need to prove Lunceford was the real winner of the election, only that the true outcome cannot be determined.

“If you’re trying to flip the outcome, that means you’re trying to say the purported loser was really the winner,” Taylor said. “That is not realistic in these cases because the numbers are too big. I’ve handled election challenges where the numbers are 33 votes or something, and that’s doable. But in my case, I’ve got 2,743 votes I’ve got to overcome.” 

For a judge to declare Lunceford the winner, Taylor would need to bring thousands of voters to the courthouse to testify. 

Since that is not reasonable, his objective is for the judge to order a new election, Taylor said.

“All you show is, there are votes in the count that shouldn’t be there, and there are votes out of the count that should be there, and there are people who wanted to vote but they were turned away, or there was fraud or illegality or mistake,” Taylor said. “And when you add all those six things together, it turns out that you’re entitled to a new election because you’re proving to the judge’s satisfaction that he cannot declare that the purported outcome is the true outcome, and you get a new election.”

Here is the entire read: How Harris County’s paper ballot shortage could play out in court (

I will say it again. Names, please. These GOPers are losers who are casting doubt on how elections are run. Believe me, if they had won, they would be touting the system.

They are sad losers for sure.

Nice job again by Jen Rice.


Ken Caminiti would have been 60 today. He left us way too soon in 2004.

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