Another One

The GOP Gun Culture Club struck again. This time in Allen, Texas this past Saturday afternoon.  Folks were just going about their business weekend shopping. Thanks to your national and state GOP.

Inaction. Cowardice.

Gov. Greg Abbott is for sure the worst Texas governor in my lifetime. John Connally, Preston Smith, Dolph Briscoe, Bill Clements, Mark White, Ann Richards, George Bush, and Rick Perry all would have stepped forward and acted. 

Abbott on his best day is inept.

It turned rather quickly. When word got out that the Allen mall shooter had a Spanish language surname, folks started assuming he was undocumented. It turns out he was a white supremacist. Yes, you can be Latino and be a white supremacist. 


Commentary has said before that I watch What’s Your Point not to get informed, but to correct the next day if I have to. I have to.

The Harris County Election Administrator position came up and former Harris County GOP Chair Gary Polland said the “elections czar” was selected by Commissioners Court. Gary knows better. The Harris County Elections Commission selects the Elections Administrator. The Elections Commission consists of the County Judge, County Tax Assessor Collector, County Clerk, and chairs of the Harris County Democratic and Republican Parties.

The Breitbart knucklehead fella went on to say that an untold number of folks didn’t get to vote last November here in Harris County. Names, please.


The Astros are 17-17. It doesn’t feel like we are playing .500 baseball.  I can’t remember us playing with six key players injured at the same time.  Think about it. Starting pitchers Luis Garcia, Lance McCullers, Jr, and José Urquidy are injured. Throw in that Justin Verlander is no longer with the team. That is four of last season’s starting pitchers. Jose Altuve and Michael Brantley have still not played this season. We are lucky to be at .500.

When was the last time the Astros played on a Thursday? How about Opening Day back on March 30 at The Yard. They were supposed to play on a Thursday for the Twins home opener, but the game was postponed due to frigid temperatures.  The next scheduled Thursday game is against the Angels at The Yard on June 1.

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