E. Jean Carroll is a genuine American hero in my book. She took on the sexual abuser Donald Trump and won. In front of America. Congratulations.

When I heard the news yesterday, my first reaction was to smile.

When I saw E. Jean Carroll walk out of the courthouse with a big smile on her face, it felt like one of those way to go moments.

Keep smiling E. Jean Carroll. It is well deserved.

Just so you know, the E stands for Elizabeth.

Meanwhile, the leader of the National Republican Party is a sexual abuser. Congratulations. It is well deserved and way overdue.


DPS troopers are pretty good at clearing out Uvalde shooting victims’ relatives and LGBTQ+ protesters out of the Texas State Capitol House Gallery and hallways the past few days and couple of weeks. Some protesters were also chanting too loudly. Huh?

Nice job DPS. A lot better than rushing into elementary school hallways. Just saying.


You have to figure how this idiot got hired in the first place. See this from the Chron:

Superintendent Jerry Gibson is out at Galveston ISD after telling a crowd last month that the school district needed a man to push through a school bond, a statement many regarded as “chauvinistic.”

The board of trustees voted to accept Gibson’s resignation after a nearly six-hour closed-door session that ended early Tuesday to discuss his employment and negotiate a contract for his departure. Gibson’s last day will be June 30.

And this:

At a groundbreaking ceremony for the start of construction of the new Ball High School on April 26, Gibson called female members of a political action committee who helped secure the bonds for the project “worker bees” and said a man was needed “to push (the work) through,” the Galveston County Daily News reported.

“The ladies are the worker bees, they are going to get it done behind the scene and keep pushing and take care of the details,” said Gibson. “Isn’t that right, men? They do (their) best to make us look good even though we don’t give them much to work with. But we need a man to push this through.”

And finally, this:

Carrie Hunnicutt, a former eighth grade teacher in the district, said Gibson created a hostile work environment that she has complained about to the board repeatedly.

“I question why it took this long for the board to see the damage that is being done to the community,” she said.

In March 2021, Hunnicut told the board at a meeting about her concerns and questioned whether Gibson had been fully vetted before being hired. The board then forced Hunnicut and other members of the public out of the meeting for 14 minutes, which a government accountability attorney said was a violation of open meetings law.

This was a very poor job of checking his background. If they used a search firm, they failed.  He just didn’t turn into a moron when he got to Galveston. 


Over the past couple or so months, consumer reporter Amy Davis of Channel 2 news has been doing an outstanding job reporting on the problems of the City of H-Town’s water bills and usage. They have some serious issues over there on faulty meters and overbilling. The city still hasn’t been able to explain to Davis how they are addressing these concerns. Wow!


We got a great performance from Framber last night and a good win.

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