Impeach the MFer

A ton is being said today about the Queen of Rock and Roll, the late and great Tina Turner.  Let me add this:

“We are all a part of God’s great big family.”

That was Tina’s line she sang in “We Are the World.”

Don’t forget Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome and “We Don’t Need Another Hero.”

Tina Turner, one of the greatest of all time.


Today is my sister Aida’s birthday. I have told you before that I think my parents did right by giving her a cool name. I will give her a call later today. Happy Birthday, Aida!


Commentary thinks he is done. I am talking about the GOP AG crook Ken Paxton.  See this from the Chron today:

A Texas House committee on Wednesday heard explosive new testimony from lawyers investigating Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, including that he appeared to provide a friend with confidential FBI documents and committed other potentially impeachable crimes in an effort to help him retaliate against adversaries and federal officials.

See this from the Chron E-Board, also today:

This editorial board long ago called for Paxton’s resignation. It’s clear he has no intention of doing the right thing so lawmakers must. Paxton has disgraced and bilked and misled Texans long enough. The Texas House should impeach him and clear the way for a top law enforcement officer who, hopefully, has some respect for the law — and for the people the office was created to serve. 

The Quorum Report is reporting that the Texas House may take up the impeachment of the crook this Saturday. That would be must see TV. 

Here is the deal. The fact that a GOP led majority House committee held a hearing yesterday tells us that even the GOP leadership in the Texas House have had it with this arsehole.

I will take it. It is time to impeach this MFer.


I saw this yesterday:

I’ve learned a lot this year, but one thing hasn’t changed: I want to serve Senate District 15 and fight year round for smart, compassionate policy to improve public safety and public health. I’m Molly Cook, and I’m running for Texas Senate, District 15.

Good luck.


It is National Wine Day. I will.

The team is off today.

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