State Rep. Harold Dutton voted present-not-voting (PNV) on the impeachment articles on Saturday. Afterwards, he tweeted this:

Democrats should have left this to Republicans. It would have been 60 for and 23 against. Paxton would have stayed and been on the election ballot. Then Democrats would have had a better climate to elect a statewide official because Paxton would have been a drag on the ticket. Now the Republicans will get someone to replace Paxton and shore up their ticket.

Commentary watched the entire proceeding Saturday afternoon. It lasted a little less than four hours.  Rep. Dutton spoke from the front mic and the back mic.  He never mentioned anything close to the tweet he posted afterwards.

What a joke.

I am betting if my state representative, Rep. Christina Morales, had voted PNV, she would have caught all kinds of hell when she returned home. She also would have gotten a few primary opponents.

In 2015 Paxton was first indicted and we have read accounts of his misdeeds.  In 2020, the whistleblowers went public, and I read some about their concerns. Saturday was the first time it was fully explained to Commentary and other viewers.  It was a good and thorough presentation.

I learned more about Paxton and his crooked donor and pal Nate Paul.  I learned about how Paxton used his office at the behest of Paul to go after a non-profit foundation. 

It is one thing to read about Paxton. It goes to a higher level when it is explained by folks who have spent time going through the evidence.

61 Democrats and 60 GOPers voted to impeach because the facts were clear cut.

We all know Paxton is dirty.  The 60 GOPers have finally had enough of his crooked ways.

Rep. Dutton would rather have Democrats play games. Nope.

There are five members on the House General Investigating Committee. The committee investigated and brought forward the impeachment articles. All five committee members presented on the House Floor on Saturday. Committee member Houston State Rep. Ann Johnson, a Democrat, was by far the most impressive. Outstanding job.

Now it is going to be up to the 31 member Texas State Senate. 21 votes will be needed for conviction of Paxton.

There are 12 Democrats. If all 12 vote to convict, 9 GOP senators will have to join the Democrats to get to 21.

Commentary has no idea what will happen in the senate. Remember, a week ago the Paxton impeachment was not on anyone’s radar and here we are.

On the issue of State Sen. Angela Paxton and the recusal thing. Really? You think she is finally going the ethical route. Really? 

All focus is going to be on the GOP state senate leadership and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick.  Stay tuned!


This is funny. See this:

The Chicago Cubs gave 10,000 Billy Williams bobbleheads to fans at their National League game against the Cincinnati Reds on Saturday night at Wrigley Field.

But there was problem: The replica of “Sweet Swinging Billy Williams from Whistler” had No. 1 on its jersey, not the No. 26 retired by the Cubs in Williams’ honor in 1987.

Williams played the first 16 of his 18 Major League seasons with Chicago, mainly as the Cubs’ left fielder.

The website posted a statement from Julian Green, the Cubs’ senior vice president of communication, after the gaffe. The statement read:

“Tonight, we made a regrettable error by distributing Hall of Famer Billy Williams bobbleheads to fans with the incorrect number. This should have never happened, and we know many fans will be disappointed. We are in the process of having new bobbleheads made so fans will have an opportunity to exchange the item. Fans who purchased tickets to tonight’s game will be contacted when we receive the new bobbleheads. Due to manufacturing and shipping times, it is very likely we will have these items available next season.”

Oh, well.


The team swept the team with the absolute worst record in MLB this past weekend. We are 6-0 against them this season.

We got seven dingers from six different players yesterday.

The Twins are in town for three with a 3 pm Memorial Day start this afternoon.

Just keep winning.

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