Water Meter Woes

It is not official yet. Commentary is talking about my water bill. According to the automated water division communication I had on Saturday, they are planning on sticking it to me. It will be official when I get a hard copy bill and letter.

Here is the deal. Let’s say my water meter has been broken for the past year.  Which coincides with the time I changed my shower heads to more environmentally friendly ones.  I added up my monthly water bills for the 12-month period before my water meter broke, and what they want to charge me now is three times of what I paid over that 12-month period. That’s ridiculous.

I only use water for showering, the toilet, the dishwasher and washing machines, washing my hands, and washing pots, pans, and sensitive dishes I don’t want to stick in the dishwasher.

I don’t use water for outdoor use like my lawn or my car.

What took them so long to figure out my meter was broken?


In nine days, HISD will have a TEA appointed superintendent and Board of Managers.


Tommy John is 80 today. Yep. That Tommy John. Like Tommy John surgery.  John pitched for 26 seasons. 288-231 record. 3.34 career ERA. 2,245 career strikeouts. Four time All Star. He played for the A’s, Angels, Cleveland, Dodgers, White Sox, and Yankees. He is not in the Hall of Fame. Yep. That Tommy John. Happy Birthday, Tommy John!

We have won ten out of our last eleven games. We swept the homie and are on a seven-game winning streak. We are in Milwaukee for three starting this evening.

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