White Men Fight

I don’t even know what that means. 

Nolan Ryan and Robin Ventura from Arlington in 1993?

The featured photo with Muhammad Ali and Jerry Quarry in the ring in 1970 and 1972. Quarry didn’t last.

It can’t be the U.S. military. They have a bunch of folks of color in their ranks.

The armed forces of Nazi Germany were all white and they got their arses handed to them.


I don’t even know what Tucker Carlson is talking about. Maybe it is just a fantasy that white men are supposed to win fights.


Today is May the Fourth. Some call it National Star Wars Day. May the force be with you.

Since you asked, Star Wars, the first flick, won Oscars for Best Art Direction, Costume Design, Film Editing, Original Score, Sound, and Visual Effects. It also got a Special Achievement Academy Award.

Since you keep asking, Star Wars lost out to Annie Hall for Best Picture and in the Best Director and Original Screenplay categories, George Lucas lost out to Woody Allen. For Best Supporting Actor, Sir Alec Guinness lost out to Jason Robards in Julia.

I wonder when National Annie Hall Day falls on.


Today is World Password Day. Make sure your passwords are strong.

Today is National Orange Juice Day. I did.


Today is National Prayer Day. Coming soon. The Ten Commandments in every Texas public school classroom. I am betting those that are pushing this measure couldn’t name the Ten Commandments. I would ask them, but then they would probably comeback with a response like that’s why we need them in classrooms in the first place.

On a related note, here is this from a Chron story today:

Texas Republicans have batted down efforts to restrict access to firearms in response to the Uvalde school massacre of last year, and some are now making the case that introducing more Christianity in public education could help to reduce the risk of future mass shootings.

Here is my response. I have always thought that those who push putting church and state together are betraying their own faith. I don’t need anyone telling me who to worship and when to pray.

I get that there is a moral decay withing the GOP, but don’t impose religion on me to solve your problem.


For decades, the Chron editorial page runs a daily verse from scripture. I don’t pay much attention to it.

The Chron decided to open a debate on whether it is appropriate to print it. Who cares? A bunch of readers got all riled up with some threatening to cancel their subscriptions if the verses are discontinued.



I am glad the team has today off.

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