Trade Deadline

The featured photo is from a John Whitmire for Mayor campaign event at the campaign headquarters this past Saturday morning.  There was a lot of enthusiasm at the HQ.


I guess the punditry class and the national media are on indictment watch this week.

On a related note. Commentary doesn’t have a problem with the Donald Trump PAC spending a ton of dough on lawyers. The Wall Street Journal reported this weekend that the Trump PAC had spent $40 million on legal fees the first half of 2023. I rather him spend on criminal defense lawyers than voter contact. I certainly don’t feel bad for the Trump supporter chumps that are sending him dollars.

This is from Radar Online:

Former Attorney General Bill Barr, who once served as one of Donald Trump’s closest allies, said he would “jump off a bridge” if the former President became the 2024 Republican nominee against Joe has learned.

“I have made clear that I strongly oppose Trump for the nomination and will not endorse Trump,” Barr told NBC News.

When asked how he would vote in the general election if it ends up being Trump vs. the sitting President, the former Attorney General answered, “I’ll jump off that bridge when I get to it.”

May I recommend the Fred Hartman Bridge on Highway 146 between Baytown and La Porte? It would certainly be a nice juicy splash. I would actually prefer him jumping when a container ship is sailing by underneath then we would get a nice juicy splat.


The following is from this past Saturday’s Chron E-Board take. The last line is a doozy, the way they incorporate “dinger,” a baseball term that I often use. See this:

Thumbs down: Jim Crane, the owner of the Houston Astros, bought a $24 million historic mansion in River Oaks, designed by one of the most important early Houston architects, only to tear it down. “The destruction of River Oaks’s historical heritage is demoralizing, especially when landmark houses are replaced with architectural mediocrity,” historian Stephen Fox told Chronicle design writer Diane Cowen. Sure, rehabilitating the house would have been a challenge. The basement had flooded four times, it wasn’t up to code and had gone into disrepair after being used only for entertainment by the Sarofim family for years. But Crane knows a thing or two about turning around the distressed and down-and-out. We expect more than mediocrity from the man who took the Astros from worst to first in the nation. Crane ought to have restored his River Oaks mansion and built beautiful additions that complement the original building. Then again, we can always hope his plan is to bring on architects who are the equivalent of Jose Altuve or Yordan Álvarez to design a real dinger. 


The Astros have certainly made some last-minute trades and deals over the years. Jeff Bagwell, Randy Johnson, and Justin Verlander come to mind. Tomorrow is the MLB trade deadline. We traded for reliever Kendall Graveman a few days ago.  The Chron’s Jerome Solomon wants us to go after Verlander again.  The hapless Mets have had a bust of a season and are unloading their high paid talent.

We have 56 games left. We are one game behind the Rangers in the AL West. Yes, our starting pitching has suffered key injuries and departures this season. Yordan and Altuve are back and playing. I think we have the talent to go deep into the playoffs. So, I am not going to sweat the next day or so of trade rumors.

The Guardians are in for three starting this evening.

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