20 Candidates

From the Chron:

More than seven dozen people signed up to run in November’s City Hall elections, including 20 candidates hoping to become Houston’s next mayor.

That sure are a lot of candidates for mayor.

Commentary doesn’t give a rat’s arse if the Buzbee fella is running for city council. The Chron obviously does.

I will be voting for the Fair for Houston ballot item.  I wonder if anyone from H-Town will organize and oppose this.


Fox News is a danger to our democracy. They have done a significant amount of damage to the USA.  Maybe, just maybe they are learning a lesson after having forked over $787 million to Dominion.  They are not allowing Donald Trump representatives into the spin room after tomorrow night’s debate. Trump is skipping the debate, so no spin. Got it?


This is from the Chron:

The Pearland ISD school board may ask voters in November to consider a tax rate 9 cents above the highest rate it can pass without an election. Officials say the higher rate would help offset a projected $12.7 million budget shortfall, while being the lowest tax rate in district history.

District leaders point to challenges such as inflation and insufficient state funding as reasons for the potential deficit. However, some residents at an Aug. 17 community meeting faulted the district.

“We have a shortfall because elected officials decided to approve expenses that are more than revenues,” said Pearland resident Jeff Davis. “I have no children in the district, but these taxes still impact my home. I hope Pearland voters do their research.”

Here is the entire read: Pearland ISD’s propose tax rate election to increase funding by $11M (houstonchronicle.com).

I sure hope folks don’t start piling onto Pearland ISD. They are just following the law that was set by the GOP. You want to raise taxes at a certain level, ask the voters to approve.

That’s what happens when the GOP governor and legislature shortchange public education.


The featured photo is from after our family lunch at Marmo this past Sunday. None of us are running for mayor.


Astros tweeted this about PA announcer Bob Ford:

30 years as the Voice @MinuteMaidPark

Congratulations to legendary Astros public address announcer Bob Ford!

Must be a typo of sorts. We are in our 24th season at The Yard. It must be 30 years as the ‘Stros PA announcer including a few years at the Dome.

Sunday night we were in doom and gloom mode after being swept by the Mariners. Not so this morning as a win last night has us a game and a half out of first in the AL West.

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