Commentary is certainly not an expert on the criminal justice system. I do have some questions related to today’s featured photo.

I was watching last night online as law enforcement officers surrounded the house where the bad guy was holed up.  How was that fella out on the streets to begin with? 

Who dropped the ball on this?

Do we blame the judge who released him on bail?

Do we blame law enforcement officers for not arresting him when he skipped his court hearing a few months ago?

Do we blame prosecutors for not insisting that the fella be kept behind bars?

It looks like the system needs fixing, but what do I know.


The new HISD superintendent is being criticized for performing a skit in front of teachers who had assembled at NRG a few days ago. 

Here is from the Chron:

Houston ISD Superintendent Mike Miles took center stage Wednesday morning at NRG Center in an elaborate production with acting, dancing and singing geared toward challenging critics and energizing educators for the first school year under his watch.  

Miles began the convocation ceremony by performing in a musical alongside students and teachers from various HISD fine arts programs. Then he delivered a keynote speech about preparing students for the future and making systemic changes to public education, punctuating his points with movie clips and references.  

While many people applauded the talented student performers, not everyone bought into the hype from the new superintendent. Jackie Anderson, president of the Houston Federation of Teachers, said she worries the convocation ceremony was “very telling of what HISD is going to look like this year.” 

“It’s the Mike Miles show,” she said. 

Additionally, some HISD teachers, who spoke to the Chronicle on the condition of anonymity, said they thought Miles made several unprofessional, mocking comments and the event felt like “propaganda.” Others said the message was redundant and the morning could have been better spent preparing classrooms for the first day of school on Aug. 28. 

“My campus was watching remotely and the consensus was that this was embarrassing and insulting, as well as a total waste of time,” one teacher said.

Here is the entire read: HISD Mike Miles performs in skit to rally teachers for new school year (

Commentary agrees with the teacher’s union honcho. This is Mike Miles’s show.

Commentary will say it again and no one pays attention. In the 2017 and 2021 HISD school board elections, the national teacher’s union poured in hundreds of thousands of dollars into some campaigns. It was the teacher’s union show then.

Get over it.


We have 40 games left. The next 7 are at The Yard. Let’s do it.

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