ALCS Game 4

Insurrectionist GOP Cong. Jim Jordan came up short again. Oh, well.


This is kind of silly. See this from the Chron:

A group of Houston-area Democrats are surveying local precinct chairs to gauge interest in censuring party member Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg, citing a recent Chronicle investigation that found Ogg had launched multiple criminal investigations against Democratic county officials with whom she was publicly feuding.

The survey is an “extremely preliminary” step toward a resolution that could be passed by the Harris County Democratic Party if it makes it through an approval process, a precinct chair told the Chronicle.

Precinct chairs in Texas Senate District 15 are being asked to weigh in on whether to censure Ogg, according to an email sent Wednesday.

“There is concern from some precinct chairs about the DA’s behavior over the last few years, especially in the wake of the Houston Chronicle article,” the email states. “We’re considering a resolution that condemns her actions and brings possible censure for going back on campaign promises, attacking Democrats, and violating the principles of the party.”

In a draft of the resolution shared with the Chronicle, the group cites several reasons for censuring Ogg, including accusations that she has attacked judges from her own party “who did not agree with her politics,” amplified “demonstrably false claims” that local Democrats are “defunding the law enforcement” and “reneged on her campaign promises” to oppose bail reform in misdemeanor cases. 

Harris County Democratic Party chair Mike Doyle said in a statement that while the party has a standing committee that could recommend a resolution, “I’m not aware of any action by a standing committee to take any action regarding our Democratic District Attorney, Kim Ogg.”

Ogg did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

It would be stupid for the local Democratic Party to censure DA Ogg based on one Chronicle article. Stupid.

If you don’t like how she is doing her job, do the hard work and vote her out of office in the upcoming primary in about four and a half months. Censuring is lazy.


Commentary is thinking that the folks who run the City of H-Town water department don’t watch Channel 2 news. Investigative/consumer reporter Amy Davis has been doing stories for close to a year now on the failings of the water department’s billings. Maybe the next administration will put a priority on fixing things over there.


What a game last night. Jose Altuve hitting his 25th career postseason dinger. A great pitching outing by Christian Javier. Uncle Mike’s outstanding snag. Machete’s key hit that drove in two runs. Another 2 RBIs by Yordan.

ALCS Game 4 tonight.


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