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Texas Democratic Party folks don’t want to hear this. 47 years ago, today was the last time a Democratic candidate for president carried the state of Texas. Former President Jimmy Carter won Texas on November 2, 1976. I was the number two person in the Texas Democratic Party GOTV effort that year.


The Chron has a story on challenges the next H-Town mayor will face. Here is a part of the article:

City Hall’s next boss will face a more immediate problem regarding firefighters’ pay. The union and the city have been locked in a contract stalemate for all of Turner’s tenure.

The firefighters saw no raises between 2017 and 2021. Turner bucked the stalled bargaining process to give them 18% raises over the last three years, but firefighters still want to be paid for the full span of the dispute.

State Sen. John Whitmire, a mayoral front-runner, won passage of a bill that gives firefighters automatic arbitration in those stalemates, but the city is contesting it in court. The next mayor will have to decide whether to continue that fight, drop it and go to arbitration, or try to strike a deal directly with the union.

The summer drought has strained the city’s water system. Many Houstonians have noticed spouting pipes in their neighborhoods or driven through the puddles left by broken water mains.

These issues have been reflected in 311 data as well. The city is on track to receive more than 34,000 reports of water leaks this year, the highest tally in at least a decade.

Here is the entire read: Houston’s next mayor will face challenges on budget, infrastructure (houstonchronicle.com).

Don’t forget this. Channel 2’s Amy Davis deserves an award for her coverage the past 11 months on the City of H-Town’s water department billing mess. I personally experienced this. I don’t understand why the city hasn’t made an effort to address this issue. It is a big problem.


Folks know Commentary likes wine, the red variety.  I prefer those from California, Oregon, or Australia.  To make a long story very, very short, yesterday I was sent a shipment of wine from a winery in Texas.

It’s wine from the William Chris Winery located between Fredericksburg and Johnson City, Texas, in Hye, Texas.  I went to their website and the wine I received is priced at between $32 and $56 a bottle. See the featured photo.

I have not tasted Texas wine in quite some time. I guess I will soon. It better be good for $56 a bottle if you know what I mean.


Congrats to the Rangers for winning the 2023 World Series.

A lot of World Series championship gear is going to be under Christmas trees in the DFW area next month.

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