Christmas Tune Poll

Hello, winter. Well at least I am not running my AC.


Here is my political take for today. If Donald Trump isn’t on the ballot next year, a lot of his supporters stay home and don’t vote in November of 2024. If the U.S. Supreme Court says he isn’t qualified or if the GOP primary voters go with someone else, his voters stay home. That is why Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis never go after Trump. Heck, even Chris Christie criticized the Colorado move.


The Chron is conducting an online poll and I care not to participate. Here is from the Chron:

We want to know: What’s most annoying Christmas song?

With the holiday season in full swing, Christmas carols are an omnipresent sound across airwaves, in stores and on playlists. But not all Christmas songs summon feelings of good cheer. Some can even be grating. What Christmas song do you find most annoying?

I am not going to call out a hippopotamus, Mommy kissing Santa, down in Mexico, we don’t get no snow, last Christmas, all I want for Christmas is you, two front teeth, little Saint Nick, Grandma getting run over, or Santa baby.

Tunes would not be played unless they were liked by some listeners. Some well-known artists sing tunes some folks find annoying.

I have asked this question before. Why is “My Favorite Things” considered a Christmas tune? The tune is from The Sound of Music. The Sound of Music isn’t a Christmas flick.

The Sound of Music play came out before the movie. Julie Andrews, who plays Maria in the flick, sang “My Favorite Things” before the flick came out on a TV Christmas special. Then a year or so later, another artist put the tune on his Christmas album, and the rest is history. That is the story.

Christmas tunes that have received Oscar love include Best Song winners “White Christmas” from Holiday Inn and “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” from Neptune’s Daughter, and Oscar nominee “Somewhere in My Memory” from Home Alone.

I prefer the old-fashioned and upbeat Christmas lists. Best Christmas movies of all time. Best Hallmark Channel Christmas movies of all time. Best Christmas tunes by artists that are still with us. Best Christmas tunes by artists that are no longer with us.  Best TV Variety Christmas Special of all time. Best Christmas day grub.

The featured photo is Christmas albums and CDs I have.


Commentary is a fan of KPRC-TV Channel 2 news anchor Lisa Hernandez. I have not seen her on air for a few weeks. She is usually on at noon and throughout the afternoon. Maybe she was subbing during the evening news. Nope. Turns out she is dinged up. See her FB post from a couple of weeks ago:

Totally stealing this pic from KPRC2 Andy Cerota! Two weeks ago all 3 of us showed up for work like this & had to laugh…not a healthy one in the bunch! While Andy & KPRC2 Justin Stapleton have recovered from their colds…this girl is heading outta the newsroom and into surgery for meniscus root repair! (At least my knee chose a quiet time of year to go on strike 🤣🎄🤦🏻‍♀️

I will be home recovering through the New Year and am grateful to my family (& my work family!) for helping me along, as I’ve been basically useless to everyone. By the way—this happened during a quick run as I crossed the street and landed weird off the curb 😬Medial meniscus was in trouble & I ignored the pain for a good month, convinced myself it was nothing and just made it worse. Funny how I would absolutely encourage a friend to go the doctor if they were limping for weeks, yet when it comes to taking my own advice — I’m the most stubborn mule on the planet! Lesson learned. I think.

If you have any post-op meniscus reattachment advice, lemme hear it! I’ll have tons of reading time ahead of me.

Get well soon, Lisa!


Four days until Christmas Day.

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