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Former U.N Ambassador and South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley needs to brush up on American history. If she doesn’t know that slavery was the cause of the Civil War, then she is a dummy.  It is an insult to the 620,000 Americans who died of violence during the Civil War. Haley is a disgrace and an idiot.


Yesterday I went to my Tía Julia Campos’s funeral mass in Baytown. I saw my Aunt Esther Campos. I let her know that she was my last remaining aunt.  I told her to eat healthily, and we had a laugh.

Since I don’t live in Baytown and when I go to a funeral for a family member, I know I am not going to recognize some relatives or acquaintances that I have not seen in years, heck, many years, or decades. I am ok with having a family member or friend come up to me and say “do you remember who I am.”  I respond by saying “give me a hint.”  That happened about a handful of times in the past couple of days. On the other side of the coin, an older cousin didn’t recognize me.  Oh, well.

The featured photo is Team Campos that I posted on August 23, 2022, right after my Dad’s 99th birthday.  I said this in my take:

On the first row are all women including Mama Grande (Grandmother Campos), seventh from the left. The woman with a white coat fourth from the right is holding an infant, that’s my Mom, and she is holding me. That is why I know the photo was taken in late 1952 or early 1953.

I confess. When I came home after the funeral, I pulled up the photo and made a brief ghoulish attempt yesterday to try to figure out who in the photo is still around. I quit after a few minutes. It didn’t feel right.

I did also say this in my August 23, 2022, take:

Quite a few in the photo are no longer with us. Like over half.

I guess it is like over half, plus Tía Julia and my Dad.

Maybe it would feel better if I could just go check out the Team Campos photo and pick out who I saw the last couple of days in Baytown.

I could start with Sylvia, Mario, Becky, Maci, Elizabeth, Danny, and Louie.

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