The Chron E-Board has good things to say today about President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address. Here is how the E-Board take ends today:

That’s democracy. That’s why Biden is president. It’s why, warts and all, he wants to finish the job. He showed us Thursday night that he’s still got what it takes to do that. 

Here is the entire take: Biden’s State of the Union a reminder he’s safeguarding democracy (houstonchronicle.com).

Meanwhile, scumbag Donald Trump made fun of President Biden’s stutter this past weekend.


Commentary watches the Oscars for entertainment. I really don’t put a lot of effort into rooting for certain flicks. Heck, I haven’t seen most of them. Last night I was entertained. Here are my highlights from the show in no particular order.

Godzilla has been around for nearly 70 years, and it finally took home an Oscar last night for Best Visual Effects. The winners all came on stage holding miniature Godzillas. Way too cool.

The Barbenheimer banter between Emily Blunt and Ryan Gosling was top notch. Very original.

Ryan Gosling doing “I’m Just Ken” with Greta Gerwig, Margot Robbie, and Emma Stone, singing along was easily one of the best moments of the night.

John Cena presenting Best Costume without, err, a costume took guts. 

 I don’t mean to sound insensitive, but when “Wahzhazhe (A Song for My People)” from “Killers of the Flower Moon” was performed, should they have included subtitles? Oh, well.

I kind of teared up when the “20 Days in Mariupol” won Best Documentary. I was hoping during the acceptance speech, they would have called out Donald Trump and the GOP for siding with Putin over Ukraine.

The show was capped off when host Jimmy Kimmel responded to a Trump tweet criticizing Kimmel, by saying “isn’t it past your jail time.” Nice.

The featured photo is how I watch the Oscars.


MLB returns to The Yard in two weeks.

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