Total Renovation

Commentary tries not to talk about 11th Street in my neighborhood. It brings out heated exchanges on Next Door. I rarely get on 11th Street since they did away with two lanes.  Now see this from the Chron:

Houston Mayor John Whitmire is reevaluating several street infrastructure projects for effectiveness, including the completed 11th Street redesign despite the controversy surrounding the recent removal of pedestrian and cyclist upgrades on Houston Avenue.

Whitmire, who took office in January, has made it a priority to review city projects that the previous city administration made. His office confirmed to Houston Public Media that the overhaul includes the contentious redesign of a 1.5-mile stretch of 11th Street in The Heights. The $2.4 million project was completed in 2023, following more than four years of community engagement, and now Whitmire will decide if it should be torn up or changed.

Here is the entire read: Mayor Whitmire to review controversial 11th Street remodel for safety concerns (

The mayor hasn’t talked to me about this. At this point, I would just leave it alone. Good luck.


My neighbor across the street is doing a total renovation of his house. See the featured photo.  It has been going on for a few months now.  Big rigs have been called in a few times to haul out debris. I am keeping my fingers crossed hoping none of the huge vehicles fall in my ditch in front of my house.


Houston Chronicle reporter @JustJhair tweeted this yesterday:

Just got kicked out of the Houston Iftar by some cops because I — a journalist – spoke to a group of pro-Palestine protesters in the parking lot after they interrupted @whitmire_john

Told the officers I was a reporter covering the event, and I was told to leave or be arrested

I hope he wasn’t arrested.


The Chron has a story today letting us know the teams from Texas in the NCAA March Madness tournament – the fellas. UH, A&M, Baylor, TCU, Texas Tech, and UT.

Hey Chron! Don’t forget the women from Texas. A&M, A&M Corpus Christi, Baylor, Rice, and UT.

The UH Coogs play Longwood on Friday. Never heard of them. Longwood is in Virginia.

Let the madness begin.


MLB returns to The Yard a week from today.

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