From the Chron yesterday:

Mayor John Whitmire’s administration is weighing all options, including hiking the city’s property tax rate and charging residents a garbage collection fee, to help pay for its landmark settlement with the Houston firefighters union, according to City Attorney Arturo Michel.

“I think everything is on the table,” Michel said after a court hearing Monday, specifically mentioning the garbage fee and property taxes. “Nobody has said we’re going to take this route or (that route).”

City Hall officials and union brass last week announced a deal that would include $650 million in backpay, along with up to 34% raises over the next five years. The total cost of the deal, including interest on the backpay agreement and the future raises, will likely exceed $1 billion, according to city estimates. 

Here is the entire read: How will Houston City Hall pay for the firefighters deal? (



Everyone knows that GOP Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan is a punkarse. He is on the ropes, so naturally, he has to lash out on SB 4. See this from the Chron:

Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan said compliance with Senate Bill 4 is “not optional” after the Fort Worth Police Department signaled that immigration enforcement should be left up to state and federal authorities.

Phelan said law enforcement must enforce the law, which went into effect Tuesday and allows any officer in the state to begin arresting migrants they suspect of entering the U.S. illegally. Fort Worth Police Chief Neil Noakes issued a video message in English and Spanish telling residents the department’s mission “to serve every member of our community” won’t change with SB4.

“Although we will always follow the law, the primary responsibility for immigration enforcement and border protection should be left to our federal and state partners,” Noakes said in a statement posted online Monday.

In response, Phelan lashed out at the department after the Supreme Court allowed SB4 to go into effect. 

“Any local law enforcement agency that refuses to enforce Senate Bill 4 is abandoning their sworn duty to uphold the rule of law,” the Beaumont Republican wrote on social media. “The Legislature creates laws, and it is the duty of law enforcement to uphold them without bias.”

Here is the entire read: SB4 ruling: Dade Phelan says Texas police must enforce migrant law (

This punkarse certainly doesn’t back the blue.

Meanwhile, Mexico said yesterday it won’t take back immigrants that Texas tries to return.


Yesterday, I mentioned getting rid of stuff here at my place. I ran across some Viva Magazines. See the featured photo. Viva was a supplement to the Houston Post. It was published on a regular basis in the 1990s and covered H-Town area Latino culture, lifestyle, happenings, and leaders. It was the product of my friend Blanca Hernandez who is now Blanca Blanco who is also in the featured photo.

In their 1993 end of the year issue, Viva handed out their best and worst list. The dressed to depress honor went to Commentary. Too funny. Viva was informative. I wish it was still around.


The Dodger beat the Padres 5-2 in South Korea to open the 2024 MLB season.

Our home opener is in eight days.

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