The H-Town Mayor is going to unveil his revamp of the water billing mess today. Anything other than what we currently have would be an improvement. It is one of the City of H-Town’s lousiest services if you ask Commentary. I have firsthand experience that I have detailed.


From ABC Channel 13 News:

BRACKETTVILLE, Texas — A Texas National Guard soldier was arrested after being accused of human smuggling, the Texas Department of Public Safety confirmed in a statement to ABC News.

On Sunday, Savion Johnson was arrested in Brackettville, Texas, on charges of evading arrest, smuggling of persons, and unlawful carry of a weapon, according to DPS.

Authorities haven’t yet released the details leading up to the 31-year-old’s arrest.

That is your Gov. Greg Abbott border security in full view. What a waste of our tax dollars.


The Astros have now tossed four combined no-nos. See the featured photo from yesterday’s Chron.

The Astros are tied for fourth for no-nos in MLB with 17.

The Dodgers lead with 26, White Sox 20, Red Sox 18, and the Astros, Cubbies, Giants and Reds with 17.

We have the most since we started playing in MLB in 1962.

Astros starting pitcher J.P. France is 29 today. Happy Birthday, J.P.!

We have today off, then we head to Arlington for four.


There will be a planned power outage in my neighborhood today. CenterPoint will be doing some infrastructure repairs. We will see how that works out.

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