Julia on the Call

Donald Trump’s lawyers will get their chance to destroy Michael Cohen today. We will see.


H-Town Mayor John Whitmire will be laying out his proposed budget today. The City of H-Town is facing financial challenges for sure. I am sure there will be some who will criticize what the mayor lays out.


Speaking of budgets, ISDs throughout the state are financially struggling thanks to the state not adequately funding public education. Local supporters of public education need to finally wise up and stop voting for GOPers up and down the ballot. The GOP Gov. Greg Abbott and a bunch of GOP legislators are the problem. The GOP doesn’t give a rat’s arse about public education. Stop voting for them, please.


If you are an Astros fan like Commentary, then you needed to watch last night’s telecast with Julia Morales on the play-by-play call. Here is her best line from the featured photo:

“Bregman, drives this one, and you can say bye to that baseball, y’all!”

Here is the story from the Chron:

Before Monday’s Astros game against the Oakland A’s, Julia Morales walked around the Minute Maid Park dirt as she routinely does before every home game. What was going through her mind was anything but routine, however. The easygoing Space City Home Network field reporter admitted to being unusually tense as she mentally prepared herself for the first play-by-play assignment of her career.

Along with A’s broadcaster Jenny Cavnar, Morales was getting ready to make big league history in the first Major League Baseball game with female play-by-play announcers for each team.

The moment wasn’t lost on Astros players. Several of them wished Morales well as they made their way onto the field for pregame work, while others teased her about being sure not to “mess it up.”

“I’m so nervous,” said Morales, who shied away from most interview requests before her big night. “The hard part of all of this is there have been some amazing people who have been wanting to promote it. People are excited for me, for her, for us, and I love that. I also have so much respect for that job and the people who have done that job and the people who have worked their way to the job.”

When Cavnar filled in as the Colorado Rockies’ play-by-play broadcaster for two games in 2018, she was the first woman to do the job in 25 years. In February, Oakland hired Cavnar to be its lead play-by-play announcer, making her the first woman in MLB history to be a team’s primary play-by-play announcer.

While there has long been talk of having Morales fill in behind the mike for Space City Home Network, the network thought the timing was perfect with Cavnar in town to perform her regular duties. So for one night only, Morales switched roles with Todd Kalas, sending the usual Astros’ play-by-play man down to the camera well by the Astros dugout while Morales took over in the booth. 

Here is the entire read: Why Julia Morales is play-by-play announcer on Astros-A’s game (houstonchronicle.com).

I watched the entire game. Julia did a great job calling the game with Blummer. Congrats to Julia.


It was great to see Alex Bregman have a two-dinger game and four RBIs. Bregman raised his batting average to .218. Good.

We won last night 9-2.

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